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When you're as famous as Justin Bieber, you can't even take a little holiday without the world trying to swoop in and photograph your peen. Even when he reacts like any normal person would when dumped in an uncomfortable situation, it seems the press cannot resist but twist a tale in a bid for grabbing a story.

Take Perez Hilton, for example. On seeing footage of Bieber flipping a chair over outside a restaurant, he builds a conclusion out of thin air, posting the below summary on his website.

According to our sources, the What Do You Mean? singer allegedly got angry when fans showed up while he was eating outside in Cannes, France, and stormed off to get away from his fans — flipping over a chair in the process and leaving a server to clean up the mess!
Ch-ch-check out the video (below), which shows what looks like yet another tantrum from the Sorry singer:

This is quite a good example of how a stupid Internet rumor starts and spreads, especially as Bieber has been called out a few times recently for seemingly behaving bratty. Although I'd say that having a ton of paps in your face while your trying to eat lunch is reason enough to throw a few chairs around, it seems Bieber actually had a legit reason...and told Perez Hilton as much.

And show him, he did. After shutting Perez down, he really does flip it and repurposes the quip for his own promotional means...

And thus sparking a hilarious reaction from all his dedicated Beliebers. Here's a round up of some of the best...

One user took flippin' the chair to the next level.

Nailed, hook, line and anchor!

Smashed it...

The responses really started to pile in.

And this example, for the times when a chair just won't cut it.

Flippin' brilliant!

The list goes on, but it's clear to say that Biebs is getting savvier when it comes to handling pappy gossip, and summarized the situation pretty accurately.

Yes. Yes it was.

Source: Twitter, Cosmopolitan


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