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Now, there are presumably a whole lot of things that Ryan Reynolds can't do. Sure, he's currently making parenthood, superhero-dom and general social media awesomeness look ridiculously easy, but that doesn't mean he's necessarily good at everything he puts his hand to. Were we to ask him, he'd likely be able to reel off a list of things that, no matter how hard he tries, he simply can't make work -- whether that's playing a near-fully CGI-ed Green Lantern, making Deadpool viable with his mouth sewn shut, or something simpler, like gardening.

That long, long list of things he can do, however, just grew even longer, since:

Ryan Reynolds Just Did an Incredible Impersonation of Hugh 'Wolverine' Jackman

Which, while it may lack a little in terms of 'actually sounding like Hugh Jackman,' still wins out via the tried and true method of 'being ridiculously entertaining.' So much so, in fact, that you'll notice that Jackman himself was the one to post that bad boy to Twitter.

All of which is hilarious and all -- but it also raises an important, Deadpool-related question. Specifically:

Why Are Jackman and Reynolds Palling Around Right Now?

Now, sure, the pair are old pals (having starred together in the ill-fated X-Men Origins: Wolverine) -- and there's always the chance that the duo just spontaneously thought it'd be funny to post a video of Reynolds imitating Jackman.

With both actors having previously revealed that they'd like to see a Wolverine cameo appearance in the forthcoming, Reynolds-starring, Deadpool, however, it's a little tough not to see the video as possible confirmation that such an appearance is, in actual fact, going to happen.

The reason?

Deadpool Is Currently in the Middle of Reshoots

That's right -- as recently confirmed by a whole lot of leaked behind-the-scenes set pics, Deadpool is currently going through the (now-standard) process of reshooting a number of scenes for the movie, with Ryan Reynolds returning to the Vancouver set accordingly.

Which makes the timing of Jackman and Reynolds's twitter skit all the more intriguing, since these very reshoots would be the most likely time for any Wolverine cameo to be shot (since, taking place much closer to the final release date and with less media attention, they substantially reduce the chance of a leak).

Could That Video Confirm a Wolverine Cameo in Deadpool, Then?

Well, perhaps -- and we can certainly get our hoping hats on -- but it's worth bearing in mind that this might all simply be Jackman and Reynolds being zany, and conveniently promoting their respective projects in the process.

With that being a whole lot less exciting than the prospect of a Wolverine cameo in Deadpool, though, maybe we should allow ourselves a little bit of getting massively carried away. Hope, after all, has just as strong a healing-factor as Deadpool and Wolvie...

What do you reckon, though?

via Twitter, Daily Mail


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