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How close are you to your ex? It's safe to say that we usually try to keep our distance from our former partners. Whether it's for safety or sanity, self-preservation or legal intervention, we all have our reasons for avoiding exes.

However, costars Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco have proven that they don't adhere to our ways regarding post-relationship rules of conduct by posing in a series of photos with a level of intimacy reserved for couples or best friends.

The former couple star as newlyweds Leonard and Penny on hit television series The Big Bang Theory, so I suppose they must have to maintain a level of intimacy to ensure on-screen chemistry.

Regardless, it does seem as though their friendship has blossomed in the absence of their relationship!

The stars of The Big Bang Theory should be commended for moving beyond their breakup and becoming friends, as well as costars. They also seem to have some fun with the obsession fans seem to have with them getting back together, as is shown by the caption above.

"No scandals / home wreckers / pregnancies here, y'all. Just profound friendship."

As promised, here's the prodigal photo, depicting the friends and costars proving that their profound friendship has no bounds.

It's great to see that the iconic Big Bang Theory couple really do have fantastic chemistry. The picture, captioned "Hilarious night out in the LA arts district," reveals that they've made their friendship work in spite of their history, and their camaraderie has blossomed in the absence of a relationship.

Unfortunately, it seems that the pair have no intention of getting back together, but at least we still have Leonard and Penny!

So, could you ever be this with close with your ex?

(Source: usmagazine.)


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