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Most people can agree that the hospital is a very cold and uncomfortable place. With a mix of chemical smells and high A/C, the hospital can bring out the anxiety in a person.

Luckily for little three-year-old Millie McColl, her nurses are doing everything in their power to make this girl feel as happy and comfortable as possible in her unfortunate hospital setting.

Sadly, this past June McColl was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastom (a nerve cell cancer), and once the nurses got wind that McColl was a huge Frozen fan, they knew they had to sing and dance along with her to the famous song "Let It Go."

McColl thanked the grooving nurses on her Facebook page:

“I must thank the lovely girls from the night shift last night in schiehallion for being good sports and making Millie’s day! You are all amazing!!”

In case you are interested in helping out McColl, her parents have created a JustGiving page for her to help raise money for treatment in the U.S. that Millie cannot get in the U.K.

“Unfortunately the reality of this type and stage of cancer is that there is around an 80% chance the cancer will return and there is not yet a protocol of treatment for relapsed neuroblastoma in the UK,” a statement on the page read. “This is why we as Millie’s family have decided to start fundraising now for further preventary treatment available only in the USA called the DFMO drug. Each donation made is greatly appreciated as it takes us one step closer to giving our beautiful girl the bright future she so deserves.”

We wish McColl the best with her treatment, but this little queen seems like a strong one who can overcome any obstacle in her way.

A shout out to all the nurses out there who do anything they can to put a smile on their patients' faces!

[Source: Hello Giggles]


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