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It's hard to believe it was over two weeks ago that The Walking Dead hit us with the brutal Nicholas and Glenn dumpster scene. Now, in last Sunday's episode, we had Rick return to Alexandria with words of hope. Some of those words of hope involved Nicholas and Glenn walking back to Alexandria safe and sound after Daryl and company get the walkers out.

The problem, though, is that Rick has no clue that both of these men are (probably?) dead as doornails. It's unclear what has happened to either man, but from what the show has given us to work with (and boy have fan theorists worked), we don't have much. And we still haven't been given much in the two episodes that have come since that moment.

So, what does Aaron (played by Ross Marquand) think about the potential hope his character (and Maggie, of course) have for the return of one or both men to the show alive and well?

See for yourself what Marquand had to say to about Aaron and Maggie's outlook at this point:

"I think, truthfully, they're the type of people who are optimists. They're very pragmatic but they're also the type of people that say, 'Listen, let's not rule out hope until there's legitimate proof that someone is dead or something is over.' They want to believe that these two people are very much still out there and they're not gonna just give up because the general theory is that they've past."

The best news of all from this talk with Marquand was that apparently we will know what really happened on top of, and next to, that dumpster.

We should know sometime soon. In fact...

"Right around the corner. The showrunner and the writers are not planning on keeping the audience in suspense the entire season."

Thank God. I am ready for this loop to be closed so we can move on with other equally compelling storylines on the show. Speaking of which, here's a clip from next week's episode. Who knows, maybe this will be the one where we find out about Glenn and Nicholas. I have a feeling we're due...



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