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It's a well known fact that Michael Fassbender is pretty brilliant at acting, but did you know he also has a talent for equine arousal? Me neither!

Fassbender revealed that his ability to get his admirers hot under the collar is not restricted to the human race while he was on The Graham Norton Show at the weekend, and it was the gentile surroundings of Jayne Eyre that had to bear witness to the 38-year-old actor's pony pleasing skills.

The horse in question
The horse in question

According to Fassbender, his horse, Prince, would immediately spring an enormous horse boner as soon as his buttocks touched the saddle and the only way to calm it was for the horse's handler to switch places with Fassbender and ride it around until the horny horse forgot about the object of its amorous affections.

But, Michael tells it better, so check out his interview below:

I'll never be able to look at images of Edward Rochester galloping majestically across the moors in the same way again...

(Source: Dlisted)


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