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There's nothing quite like whipping out a good old impression to tickle a crowd's humor-buds. However, and maybe I'm just speaking for myself here, nailing down something precise and instantly recognizable requires a skill set most of us just aren't blessed with.

Hollywood is littered with actors gifted with iconic accents which, when imitated correctly, have the ability to deliver a pretty high level of LOL most age groups can relate to. Thus, a decent impression has the potential to crack a smile in the most tense of situations. Busting out an Alan Rickman during a family argument, for instance.

And, what's funnier than you or a friend nailing a celebrity's iconic voice?

Watching another celebrity doing it, of course! One reason is obviously down to the awesome skills these guys have, probably because they act for a living, but mostly because it gives you the opportunity to watch your favorite famous faces, impersonating other famous faces, and making a bit of a tit of themselves in the process!

Here are 10 of the funniest celebrity other celebrities!

1. Liam Hemsworth as Woody Harrelson

2. Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Nicholson

3. Kate Hudson as Matthew McConaughey

4. Jim Carrey as Clint Eastwood

5. Tom Hiddleston as Chris Evans

6. Chris Pine as Christopher Walken

7. Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Rickman

8. Simon Helberg as Nicolas Cage

9. Kevin Spacey as everyone

10. Bradley Cooper as Clint Eastwood

Source: MP, Youtube


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