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It's November people, probably the biggest month in the year for gamers. It's sick notes galore out there as employers worldwide pull their hair out as millions of us gamers take time out to settle in to the next big installment of our favorite games.

[Mass Effect: Andromeda](tag:2683449) gets an all new trailer this week. Take a deep breath before reading on however, as the new trailer tragically symbolizes the end of an era, but also gives us a glimpse into the future of this epic franchise.

November is a big month dedicated to a number of titles, but November 7th belongs to one title only. When it comes to Mass Effect, N7 is more than just status - N7 commemorates the 5 year anniversary of the original Mass Effect game and has become a day of celebration for all things Mass Effect.

Bioware have chosen this celebratory day to release their new trailer for the upcoming Mass Effect title, coined Andromeda.

The video is narrated throughout by the legendary Commander Shepard, played by Jennifer Hale. But this time around her usually rousing manner gives way to a tinge of sadness as it becomes increasing clear that she will not be accompanying us into the future of Mass Effect's next big adventure.

Over the last 5 year all Mass Effect players would agree that we have forged somewhat of an attachment to our role as Commander Shepard. We have seen Commander Shepard’s tale unfold, felt the highs and the lows, but now it's time to say goodbye.

In her monologue, Shepard says goodbye and instructs players that "you are the explorer now."

While the trailer did not feature any gameplay it did give us a brief insight into the future of the game. There will be no more Shepherd, we are on our own from here on out but I think she/he taught us well enough. Let's do the legacy proud.

There is a very heavy emphasis on exploration here; the future of humanity's existence is dependent on our path finding missions. I wouldn't be surprised to be spending many a day just exploring glorious new planetary environments.

"We are travelers, constantly moving forward, and looking back. Alone and as one," she says. "We have no choice but to try for our insatiable curiosity, for our fear in what should happen if we don't. You are the explorer now. We will say goodbye, and you will look back one last time, and know that wherever you go, we will be with you. This is Commander Shepard, signing off."

This next installment promises to be the biggest and most expansive Mass Effect title yet.

Although I am sad to leave Commander Shepard behind, I am kind of glad that we will now be able to forge a legacy of our own. It's our time to shine.

Andromeda will aim to launch in the fall of 2016 on Xbox One, PS4 and and PC. More from me? Follow me on Twitter and like our Facebook page. Don't forget to check out our website!


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