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Just when we thought we wouldn't get any more hints about [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158), a new international trailer AND a TV advert have been unleashed on the fans, boasting new footage and feeding the fire of speculation. With so much information crammed into just a few minutes, it's difficult to deduce exactly what's going on. But considering what's come before, we've got a really good idea of what's going to happen in Star Wars 7.

Obviously this article will contain spoilers, and if you want to be surprised when you settle down to watch The Force Awakens then now's the time to jump to hyperspace and get the hell out of this tab! But if you're desperate to know every hint that J.J. Abrams has dropped for us, here's the new TV spot to refresh your memory.

Put this together with trailer 4, and we've got quite a story! So let's break down the main plot hints all this juicy new footage has given us, and what that means for the story of Star Wars 7...

Kylo Ren & Rey Battle

We've already seen Kylo Ren and Finn's lightsaber battle, but it seems as though the Darth Vader fanboy might have met his match in the mysterious scavenger Rey! We knew that Rey would get into a pretty sticky situation with Kylo Ren, thanks to the fourth trailer which showed Rey apparently about to be executed by Ren. But now it seems like she's not going to be taken down so easily.

Aside from the fact that Rey is clearly a badass, and could take up the role of Kylo Ren's nemesis in Star Wars 7, let's try and put this shot in some context. When trailer 3 was released, I theorised that Rey would get separated from Han, Chewie, and Finn after the attack on Maz Kanata's castle. We get another shot of the Millennium Falcon flying towards Kanata's haven in the TV spot...

Maz Kanata's castle in Star Wars 7
Maz Kanata's castle in Star Wars 7

This definitely seems to be where the action goes down: we've seen X-Wings flying over this lake, Stormtroopers invading the castle, and Han, Chewie, and Finn apparently taken hostage after the attack.

So it seems as though Rey gets separated from the gang and is pursued by Kylo Ren. Their confrontation is probably going to be one of the most important scenes of the movie, perhaps establishing whether they do indeed have a familial connection, and setting the two up as epic adversaries. From official dialogue, we know that Kylo Ren also seems to sense Rey has a strong presence in the Force...

"Is it true? You're just a scavenger?"

So could this be when Rey finally uses her Force powers? Kylo Ren and Rey's relationship will probably become the lynch pin of the new films, and if they really are related (as the rumours suggest) we could very well see the two as nemeses before a final redemption. But I digress. Onto more hints from the trailers!

Escape From The Starkiller Base

Here's where we really put on our detective goggles. To catch you up, the Starkiller Base is the First Order's answer to the Death Star: disguised as an ice planet, the Base is able to destroy entire solar systems! It's pretty epic. And it looks like the Resistance (or Han at least) are planning to infiltrate this terrifying weapon...

Of course this could be Hoth, or another ice planet, or any planet with an icy region. But seeing as the Starkiller base is so important, let's just run with the idea that this is where Han and Finn are. This is definitely a crucial piece of new information, so why would they be on the Starkiller Base? For information perhaps, or maybe to rescue the "best frikkin' pilot in the galaxy", Poe Dameron, who we know gets captured and tortured by Kylo Ren. And it looks like whatever they're doing on the Base, it doesn't go exactly as planned...

Chewbacca's Noble Sacrifice

It's a bit blink-and-you-miss-it, but it certainly looks like trailer 4 confirmed one major character's death. And personally, I really really hope this is just some clever editing but it really looks like Chewie will stay behind in one of The First Order's bases to buy the heroes time to escape... and to destroy the location!

It definitely seems like Chewie detonates a bomb, with the mournful roar beforehand implying that he's about to sacrifice himself. (Note to self: bring tissues to the cinema.) Put this together with Rey sobbing over what looks like a body, and the scenery behind her starts to look like charred ruins. So is that snow falling, or ash?

But speaking of Rey, there's one final hint from the trailer that's super exciting...

The Falcon's New Pilot!

This shot came pretty much out of the blue, and aside from the fact that she's crashing through snow covered trees (which might imply the Starkiller Base), we don't have any information to explain when this happens, or why. But it looks like Rey's good at fancy flying!

She definitely looks alone in the cockpit, so of course that begs the question of where Han, Finn, and Chewie are. This could be Rey swooping in to rescue them from the Starkiller Base, or it could be her escaping the Base alone... The speculation never ends with Star Wars 7!

For now I'll leave it there, though there's plenty more to unpack from the trailer. Is there anything you spotted that we missed? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!

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