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So Netflix's Daredevil Season 2 doesn't have a solidified release date yet (though Charlie Cox has hinted that it'll be out early next year) but that hasn't stopped us from getting pretty excited when the first teaser trailer for the new season dropped last month. If you haven't seen it yet, here it is again:

As teaser trailers usually are, it's pretty short. But it still tells us a lot about the upcoming season, and gives us our first look at Jon Bernthal's Frank Castle (Punisher) and Élodie Yung as possible love-interest and probable enemy Elektra Natchios...

"Father, why do I still feel guilty?"

Season 1 was pretty much an entire origin season. We got to see Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) reaching the tipping point in his life where he becomes Daredevil, but also flashbacks to his childhood, his training with Stick (Scott Glenn) and his days at university with Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson).

The whole season is pretty much a chronicle of Matt finding his feet and figuring out what type of person he needs to be, struggling over the morality of kill-or-be-killed and trying to find a way to take down the corruption without using fatal methods.

The teaser opens with Murdock seemingly still struggling with his own morality, speaking to confidant Father Lantom (Peter McRobbie). Lantom reminds him that guilt is the "soul's call to action" - Daredevil's work is not over yet, as we see unfolding in the trailer itself.

First Look at Yung's Elektra

Elektra is introduced just after Lantom speaks of the "soul's call to action", which implies that she's going to arrive and trigger something that Murdock has to respond to.

She first met Murdock at university (as was alluded to via flashback in Daredevil Season 1), in the comics they fell in love at this time and Matt revealed his superhuman senses to her but the extent of their relationship is yet to be revealed in Netflix's Daredevil.

From what we learned in Season 1 about her relationship with Matt it's probably safe to assume that she's operating as part of the Hand when she appears in Season 2, but will the heart factor into the soul's call when it comes to Elektra?

And though we didn't actually see Stick appearing in the teaser it's likely that Elektra's appearance in New York as part of the Hand is what will trigger his return to Hell's Kitchen, perhaps with the Chaste in tow which is sure to kick off a whole other heap of trouble for Daredevil.

Is The Punisher After Claire Temple?

We don't see very much of either of the two new big names, we don't even see Punisher's face, but his reveal was actually very nice. Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) is seemingly still playing detective as she examines an x-ray of a very Punisher-like skull...

... and then we then cut to Frank Castle stalking down the hallways of a hospital, brandishing a weapon and growling "bang".

Given that Rosario Dawson appeared earlier in the teaser as Claire Temple (Night Nurse) in her hospital scrubs the teaser seems to imply that the Punisher may be in that same hospital. Now the Punisher wouldn't have a reason to go after Claire herself, he doesn't generally harm innocents, but he's not one for shying away from whatever lengths need to be gone to to procure information.

Given that show-runner Marco Ramirez has described the upcoming season as "Daredevil vs. the Punisher" we're pretty sure that the Punisher is going to be the main big bad for the Season, so if he's been set up to go after Daredevil and discovers that there's a connection between Claire and the man in the mask he is likely seek her out. Add to that the fact that she doesn't look best pleased to see whoever she's speaking to in the trailer, a man wearing a similar coloured jacket to Castle's, and it could be a bad time for our favourite nurse.

Sorry Claire
Sorry Claire

We know she's going to be alright though, cause Rosario Dawson is set to portray Claire Temple throughout the season as well as in the upcoming Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. After all, Daredevil Season 1 showed us that she's pretty damn tough, so she'll probably be alright.

Either way it's shaping up to be another very exciting season of Daredevil when it comes to Netflix in 2016.


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