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When the news of a Netflix Full House reboot first reached our ears earlier this year, excitement levels hit an all-time high. But unfortunately while every member of the original cast committed to appearing in the series, titled Fuller House, fans were left disappointed when both of the Olsen twins declined to reprise their shared role of Michelle Tanner.

Despite our collective hearts still healing from that break, if this past weekend is anything to go by then while Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have given up the acting dream, they're still more than happy to support their old cast mates -- or at least one of them is!

Source: Monica Schipper/Getty Images
Source: Monica Schipper/Getty Images

On Friday, Ashley Olsen showed her support for her former TV-dad, Bob Saget, by going along to see the opening of his Broadway production Hand to God, and Saget so kindly documented the reunion for all of us in this adorable Instagram snap which also starred his cast mates in the production:

As cute as the snap is, unfortunately it looks like it's as close to an appearance in Fuller House as we might get from either Olsen twin, with John Stamos (Uncle Jessie) sharing a photo last week that suggests that filming on the Fuller House series has wrapped:

Ah well, we'll always have reruns, right?

Source: Huffington Post, People


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