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In recent years, the success of TV shows and movies like 28 Days Later (2002), The Living Dead (2005), REC (2007), and The Walking Dead (2010), has proved the popularity of the zombie horror genre, and is leaving hungry fans wanting more.

Zombie fanatics will be thrilled to hear that Empire of the Dead, the comic book series from renowned zombie director George Romero has been picked up by AMC as a TV show!

Empire of the Dead artist Arthur Suydam let it slip during an interview at the Louisville Wizard World Comic Con recently.

“This just got signed to AMC. The new big zombie series on AMC is expected to be this one right here.”

AMC has had lots of experience and success in the zombie genre with The Walking Dead and Fear of the Walking Dead, so they'll be well equipped to offer Romero's Empire of the Dead the love and fleshy care it deserves.

Empire of the Dead focuses on a zombie outbreak and how it has affected New York City over the years. Romero's series explores original concepts that break away from the zombie norms that he himself developed decades ago; in this exploration, the zombies retain intelligence from their previous lives, making them a more challenging adversary.

To add thrill to an already excitement fueled fire, Romero has given the zombies a rival... vampires! Empire of the Dead will give horror fans a glimpse at the day-to-day challenges of these dead rivals living together in Manhattan. Apparently the vamps will represent the rich upper-class, while the zombie corpses embody the lower rungs of society.

Gore AND social commentary... who could ask for more?

The show should air on AMC next year and I, for one, will need to go home and make a list of the ways I can contain my anticipation until then.


Who will you side with in Romero's Empire of the Dead?

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