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Potential spoilers for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice below. Proceed with caution.

I hope you've got some salt handy, because you may need to take a pinch of it.

A new image has recently leaked online which appears to a show a LEGO set that ties into the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The set, titled Heroes of Justice: Sky High Battle, features some elements you'd expect, and perhaps one you wouldn't.

In the LEGO set we get figurines for all the principle heroes and villains, as well as some kind of Bat 'aircraft.' Makes total sense, right? However, it also appears that Lex Luthor is piloting an incandescent green helicopter which is seen firing green tipped missiles. Check out the image below:

Of course, it didn't take the internet long to start speculating that this is some kind of anti-Superman kryptonite helicopter that is also armed with kryptonite missiles. Once this was suggested, it took even less time before people started to wonder if it will appear in the actual movie.

These LEGO sets are often a double edged sword. On one hand, they have been known to give away some details about the storyline and/or action set pieces of their various and numerous movie tie-ins. On the other hand, they could simply be figments of the LEGO design team's imagination. Take for example, this Iron Man 3 'Ultimate Showdown' set.

As I'm sure you can remember, Tony Stark's 'Ultimate Showdown' with The Mandarin didn't quite go like that.

Furthermore, there are also the practical issues of creating a kryptonite helicopter. Although it did start to turn up increasingly frequently in Superman comics and television shows, kryptonite should be pretty rare, meaning acquiring enough to build a helicopter seems unlikely. Having said that, we do know it will feature in the movie to a certain extent -- indeed, we've seen Lex Luthor with some -- so it's technically not outside the more wild realm of possibility.

Personally, I think kryptonite tipped rockets might be feasible, but an entire helicopter? Nah. Not so much.



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