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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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I'm not usually a fan of documentary films but I had to make an exception for this.

I wasn't really into Amy Winehouse, until, I watched Whiplash and realized it was true what Fletcher said, the music genre;jazz is dying. And as I wondered why, I decided to think of a recent musician who had roots like these, and I found that most fused it and became rhythm and blues, but there are those, who had stuck with those jazzy tunes, and Amy Winehouse was one of them.

What I started to realize with Amy was that she was kinda like Marshall Mathers, a man who had just wanted to do what he wanted to do because it was something that fueled him. But the startling similarities piled up. Amy and Mathers both share a very humbling background but the only difference was Amy's dad only returned presumably because Amy was now famous and was earning the big bucks. But with Mathers, he couldn't care less. But the other part of it is that they were never going to deal with their issues head on because, nobody really took care of them, or nobody really minded, and that made them turn to drugs.
Now here's where the difference becomes night and day. Mathers, essentially bottoms out when he's almost overdosed and realizes that he needs help especially since his close friend at the time got killed and that all he was doing was finding his soul. But with Amy she had the same problems, but no one was like forcing her to do anything about it and the only one who truly did was her ex-manager. And her parents didn't do anything much, other than encourage the bad habits.

Soon, everything spiraled downwards, and I think there's a very distinct clarity at the end especially with her friend Juliette, who tells us that Amy regretted everything that happened and that Amy came to the realization that it was the fame and the popularity that got to her. And I think it's one of the problems of celebrities as well, we fail to recognize that they are humans and they have feelings like us, and they can't be pushed too hard or they'd end up being bad anyways, and I think here comes the part where I bring in Marshall again because, he too didn't really enjoy the limelight with the paparazzi hounding him all the time, but therein lies the solution like he always had someone with him, like truly with him and someone to keep pushing him through which was his daughters, and he knew that he could take time off as well, because he knew he needed it. But, no one was Amy's rock and that's rally hard to see happen because all she needed was a firm hand and somebody right there next to her saying it's okay, we can get through this, and have no other agenda then to help her become great again or just support her in anyway possible.

Now there's always a reason to suicide and in her case it's very obvious that it was the media, but not only them of course, I think it's one big chain of media, record labels and the demands of the fans.

But as said by the mom, and in the interviews she was on anti-depressants and she was a bulimic, and so therein lies the problem as well,and they all thought everything was all hunky dory, but there was the problem and they should have allowed her to visit a psychiatrist and just encourage her to talk about them and yeah sure music is an outlet, but the thing about it, is, to fully recover is to recognize that you, yourself have a problem, and to do that, you need to take a hard look on how you've lived your life.

Essentially, Amy is the embodiment of the tragedies of fame and fortune and all those who suffered at the hands of it, but never lived to tell the tale, and we're all left with what ifs, and a heap of regret and emotions. And with that this movie is so strong in portraying that and conveying what was going on, and it's absolutely an atrocity for people to say that depression is something of a matter that's not important, and that levity should be the answer but it's really not, sometimes, the extremities is the sign, there's extremely sad, and there's extremely happy and both are a sign in telling if someone maybe a little depressed and for me, I will always miss Amy Winehouse, because of this movie. As it just moves me so much and I could identify with her a lot as well. And it's just a great portrayal of the pros and cons of the lifestyles, that await you after you become famous.


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