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It's been said by April The Lion Guard will be released in Europe. The only other news is about Lion King on Broadway shows.

Picture of the Day

Oh, look! Our new friends Bunga and Kion have a cameo in this picture! In this picture they're looking down in the Outlands where their ball has fallen. I love how detailed it is, the rocks look fantastic, and I love that little tree on a ledge. There's another tree below that little rock ledge Kion and Bunga are on, that Bunga gets stuck on when he jumps down.

Things to Wonder

"How long does The Lion Guard keep their job?"

In most cases I'd assume they keep their job until they join The Great Kings of the Past, but what if there are two royal cubs in the next generation?

At the end of The Lion King 2, it's obvious Kovu is going to be Kiara's king, meaning one day they'll have a cub to take the throne.

Kovu and Kiara seem like they'd love raising a cub, so maybe they'd choose to have another. This cub would be destined to be Lion Guard. So, what would become of Kion?

I have 3 theories regarding this:

1. The first being that right after they discover the roar, they take the role right away.

2. They join the current Lion Guard until the old one dies.

3. The current Lion Guard trains the future one until they die.

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