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As someone who adores the classic, over-the-top dresses of fairytales and years gone by, this season of Once Upon a Time has been a goldmine of costume eye candy and beautiful outfits. From our favorite heroines to the new Dark One herself, everyone seems to have undergone a costume overhaul -- in all of the best ways. Here are the top five looks from the last episode.

Emma Swan - The Dark One

While it might have been met with some protest -- from fans and Emma herself -- I can't get over the sharp, vampy beauty that is "The Dark One" right now. From her frost-white hair to the stark contrast of her black snakeskin jacket, Emma's transformation into the wild new dark entity feels like a runway show all by itself.

Mary Margaret - Snow White in Gold

Snow's Camelot outfits thus far have retreated back the the pale pinks and whites of her childhood, but her latest outfit -- a belted golden tunic with a matching, flowing skirt -- looks like something that could compete with the likes of Game of Thrones' imaginative wardrobes. Keeping the innocence of Snow's face in check is a simple circle crown, recalling the purity of her fairy tale counterpart.

Emma Swan - Facing Off Against Nimue

Emma's all-white riding outfit is something of an upgrade from the tatters we found her in, and while all may seem calm on the outside, this outfit guards her terrible secret -- her struggle with the dark magic that is slowly overtaking her. After sharing a final kiss with Hook, Emma leaves to search for Merlin's former love (and former Dark One) and, thanks to her own willpower, a light rekindles inside of her -- if only for a moment -- to reflect upon the white of her ensemble.

Merlin - A Broken Wizard's Robes

Merlin's dark mixture of leather and thick, reflective fabric with it's intricate patterns tells a story of a wizard whose future looks bleak. Having reunited with the woman who crushed his heart (well -- it was someone else's heart, but he had to watch, and that was pretty upsetting), Merlin is in dire straits. One doesn't necessarily wear bright colors when the inevitable involves his heart being broken again (still not literally, though).

Nimue - Darkness Lives

Nimue's modest white ensemble is dashed into oblivion when the darkness takes over, and it shows in every aspect of her costume. With tattered robes and feathered edges, Nimue is a living reminder of Merlin's failures, and her own shortcomings. Nimue, charged with revenge, openly accepts the darkness, but her own misguided eagerness is her major downfall.

Next week's episode continues Emma's parallel quests -- both against the darkness and for it. Make sure to tune in Sunday on ABC, at 8PM Eastern/7PM Central.


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