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The idea of a Final Fantasy 7 Remake has made millions around the world ecstatic with joy. For many, this was the greatest announcement to come from E3 earlier this year, and it's easy to see why. But we should also entertain the idea that a game like this won't transfer well to modern systems. We've seen it happen in the past and we hope Square Enix don't make the same mistake.

The industry is fascinated with HD remasters and remakes at the moment, almost every successful franchise out there has had a HD remastering. But the transferral of an old product doesn't always go very well, and it's not always the game's fault. Let's hope Square don't make the same mistake as Konami!

Final fantasy 7 Remake: Don't Follow Konami's Mistake With Silent Hill!

Silent Hill HD Collection
Silent Hill HD Collection

What the Final Fantasy 7 Remake needs to work on is balancing what's good for the game, and what modern audiences expect from a new release. The Silent Hill HD Collection disgracefully balanced these two sides. The Silent Hill games are completely of their time. The visuals, the sound effects, the low-budget design, all of this added to its charms and eerie atmosphere. The HD Collection didn't take this into account, but simply tried to clear things up.

There's actually an argument that the first game in the collection - Silent Hill 2 - has its unique atmosphere diminished in the transition to high definition. This is a game that is defined by its lo-fi visuals, where detail that isn't obscured by the thick, murky darkness is blended away to certain extent by an intentionally aggressive grain filter. With this gone, we were left to stare at boring environments that contributed nothing to the story or sense of impending doom.

PS2 looks better in my opinion.
PS2 looks better in my opinion.

But of course, the Final Fantasy 7 game that we're getting isn't simply a HD remastering of a classic, it's a Remake. But the same principal still stands. Final Fantasy 7 was an impressive game for its time, but if the game was taken and simply rendered with modern graphics, it wouldn't work. Square Enix need to find a balance between the past and the present.

Do You Have Hope for its Release Date?

Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 7

In terms of visuals, Final Fantasy 7 can't follow the likes of Final Fantasy 15. This was a dark game for its time and we hope that its world isn't simply polished like we see with Silent Hills, thus flattening its atmosphere. We all desire a Remake that befits the Final Fantasy 7 that we all know and love. But that doesn't mean that we could get it. We could have another Silent Hill HD Collection on our hands, people!

What do you think? Is there something from Final Fantasy 7 that you want to see faithfully recreated in the Remake? Is there something you consider important that needs to be transferred to the XBOX One and PS4? If so, let us know in the comments below!


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