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Steven Universe is one mysterious show! With an incredibly detailed backstory, and plot hints hidden throughout season 1 and 2, each episode solves some mysteries while posing plenty more questions for fans to speculate over. Though Steven Universe season 2 has solved a lot of the show's puzzles, there's still a lot that we don't know. As we rocket towards what is bound to be a thrilling end to season 2, let's take a look back on everything we still don't know, and the fan theories that help to offer some answers to these burning questions!

Who Created The Gems?

It's easy to just assume that the Gems are an alien race that evolved without outside influence, but after we learned more about how the Kindergarten was used to create more Gems at the expense of the planets they use, the issue becomes much more complicated.

Creepy Kindergarten
Creepy Kindergarten

Season 2 has solved a lot of mysteries about the Gems: we've learned that Homeworld uses other planets to incubate new Gems, by leeching the minerals in the ground to procreate. This isn't very good for the planets themselves, and when Rose and the other Crystal Gems came to Earth they realised how wrong it was to doom humanity, and Earth, just to create more Gems.

This method of procreation raises a lot of questions, and creates a puzzling chicken-or-egg scenario. Did the first Gems just emerge from the ground through a slow fusing of minerals on Homeworld? Or did some other species create the Gems? One fan theory aims to give some answers to these questions by suggesting the possibility that Gems are in fact artificial intelligence. If this is true, their consciousnesses are programmed into the gemstones by an outside source. This would have originally been another species, but if there was a Gem revolution on Homeworld it's possible that now the Gems do the programming themselves when new Gems are grown.

The theory points out that Gems seem to have an electrical circuit pattern under their skin, which is revealed when they are damaged...

Garnet's circuits
Garnet's circuits

What this could mean is still very enigmatic, but it's possible that it's linked to the way the gemstones themselves project the physical forms through energy. It could be that this is just an aesthetic choice on the part of the animators, or it could be a vital clue that the Gems are actually an externally created artificial intelligence!

There's a lot more to suggest that this is the case, especially when we consider the caste system on Homeworld, and how while some Gems are grown to be warriors (like Amethyst), others are programmed to be more servile (like Pearl). This theory doesn't really give us an answer of who created the Gems, but it does delve more into the idea that they were created and didn't evolve independently. This might be something that's answered later on in season 2, or it could remain a mystery!

Who Is Lion?

Lion is another one of Steven Universe's biggest mysteries. Discovered by Steven, the Crystal Gems had no idea who or what Lion was, but it was later revealed that Lion had a strong connection to Rose. Lion lead Steven and Connie to Rose's secret cave, and also exists as a sort of "living bag", hiding many of Rose's possessions in his pocket dimension. The Crystal Gems had no idea that Rose used Lion in this way, which Pearl in particular found very difficult to grasp.

It is certainly very odd that Rose would have such a trusted companion that the Crystal Gems didn't know about. This, and the nature of Lion himself, has baffled fans, as Lion is neither human nor Gem nor Earthly animal. Could he be another type of creature that exists on Homeworld?

Many fans have theorised that Lion is actually Rose herself, and that in creating Steven a part of her splintered off to become Lion. This would explain Lion's colour, and his knowledge of Rose's hiding place, but it wouldn't explain how Lion acquired items like Rose's scabbard and the video tape for Steven. These items imply that Lion was more of a pet for Rose when she was alive.

There is another option: perhaps Rose actually created Lion in an attempt to help create a more biologically based Gem that could procreate without the Kindergartens! It's an odd idea, but it makes sense for Rose to try and find a long term solution to the Gems using planets to procreate.

What do you think of these theories? And do you have any theories of your own? Let us know in the comments, or write your own posts!

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