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"Always Two There Are.."

(for third and final act in the movie)

Nighttime. Moon Planet Yavin 4.

THE FIRST ORDER, led by Supreme Leader Snoke, have fully taken over the former REBEL BASE on Yavin 4. Their ships now control the skies, and The Dark Side of the Force has rid of all hope. Finn, along with Rey, Chewbacca & Han Solo, manage to sneak aboard one of the Star Destroyers orbiting the planet using some of Finn's previous STORMTROOPER armor outfits. Chewie is once again disguised as a prisoner!

As Darth Revan & his squad prepare to land on the planet, our team of heroes follow close behind as the newly-formed REBEL ALLIANCE, known as THE RESISTANCE, begins their attack on the FIRST ORDER fleet. Han pilots the upgraded Imperial Shuttle to the nearby planet.. but little do they know, The Light Side of the Force will soon join them.

Revan's ship lands near the main base, and the enemy exits the craft as the hard rain falls upon them. The Yavin 4 location is unrecognizable, as its grown very dark, filled with glowing red designs, and the black-suited Stormtroopers who stand en guarde. As the dawn approaches, Darth Revan orders Snoke to prepare a counter-assault against The Resistance before they reach the planet's surface. Snoke assembles his team, and soon departs with several ships to the night sky.

Revan: (w/ 4 Blacktroopers to his sides as he looks up at the sky) "I sense a disturbance in The Force.." (activates saber) "You four have the base.. I, will deal with The Jedi." They acknowledge and move to the base location.

The Shuttle lands in a remote location, within walking distance of our enemy's battlefront.

Han: (switching off controls) "Alright, boys & girls. Time to go." Finn & Rey hurry to the rear of the ship as they remove their headgear & armor pieces. Han & Chewie set timed charges that will begin their small assault..

Rey: "Are you ready?"

Finn: "All these years, I've been fighting for the wrong side. Now, I have a chance to make things right, and I won't stop at anything until they're all gone." (reveals lightsaber hilt from the bag on the table) Rey is wide-eyed as he continues, "I was BORN ready, today."

Han: "Where the hell did you get that?" he & Chewie join them near the ramp. He is smug for a moment as he takes the saber from his hand.. "Don't tell me, you.. MADE this?"

Rey gathers her weapons as they continue. Finn: "No, Sir. It was given to me, a long time ago." Chewie lets out an excited grunt!

Han: (chuckles): "In a galaxy far, far away?"

Finn is neutral as he replies, "not really. Bespin." Han is still as he ponders back to the last time they were at Cloud City, when the Empire arrived and made a mess of things.

Han: (holds up saber) "Someone GAVE this to you? who?"

Rey: "Your Uncle, right? didn't they find it down some shaft?"

Han: "Your Uncle.. who's your Uncle?"

Chewie notions they need to get going as Han points to hold on..

Rey rolls her eyes and presses the button to lower the ramp walkway. We notice the rain outside has calmed. The sound (ramp) fills the room as Han awaits an answer..

Finn: (yelling) "Calrissian," (Han is in shock) "Lando Calrissian." (He requests his saber back as Han smiles & nods, returning the weapon). "Come on Captain Solo, we need to move!"

Han: (Chewie arms him with some weapons) "Sorry buddy, let's get going!" Rey & Finn exit first, and make sure the area is clear before giving the signal for them to advance. They soon join them.

Rey: "So, what's the plan? we're outnumbered here."

Han: "Not for long, you, me & Chewie will scout ahead. Once our guys get past the ships, we'll blow up this one so they know where to begin the assault."

Finn: "What about me, Sir?"

Han: (places hand on Finn's shoulder) "You.. you were **meant** to be given this, kid. (points to holstered saber) Now I never really believed in this 'Force' thing, but I've seen some amazing things in my time." (Rey & Chewie look fondly upon them)

"You & I both know there's a red saber out there. You wanna make a difference, you want revenge? then you go out there and you draw it out. I ain't seen a drop of fear in you yet, Finn. And neither will they."

Finn tries to hold back the tears as he hugs Captain Solo. Chewie gives Rey a big hug too! Rey & Finn say their goodbyes, but our heroes are surprised as another figure emerges from the ship?!

Stranger: "What are my orders, Captain?" Solo immediately recognizes the voice, and smiles as he turns. "Well, well. I thought your orders were to stay at home, but let's not kid ourselves- we aren't the best at following!" Leia exits the ship and hugs Han as Chewie cries out in joy!

Han: "Hey, keep it down, buddy. We don't want them here yet!" Chewie nods as he holds back the excitement!

Finn: "Good luck everyone, hope to see you soon." As he prepares to leave, Han replies "Hey kid.." Finn turns to him. Han nods, "May the Force Be With You." Finn half-smiles and nods back as he continues on.

Leia: (rests hands on Han's shoulder) "Hey.." (Han is puzzled) "That was a really nice speech, Captain. Even Luke would be impressed!" Han smiles for a moment. "How'd you..?"

Leia: (her head leans back as she smiles) "What, you think you're the ONLY ones who can sneak aboard a ship?!"

Han: "Speaking of Jedi, where is the old man?"

Leia: "No one's heard from him, still. I figured after all of this, he'd return. I hope he's okay."

Han comforts her as he replies, "I'm sure he's alright." (glances up) "Somethin' tells me he's nearby. Guess we'll find out."

In the distance, Rey, along with Chewie, calls out "CAPTAIN, we need to move!" Han nods as he & Leia (raises weapon) prepare to join them.

Our heroes advance into the night as Finn enters the wooded forest nearby.. Meanwhile, as The Resistance continue their attack on the Star Destroyers & fleets of Tie-Fighters, a distant X-Wing emerges and manages to reach the planet unnoticed..

Aboard the craft, a hooded figure, dressed in black, monitors the radar screens upon the dashboard, and activates a cloaking device that makes the ship disappear in front of our eyes. It slows down in speed, and scouts out the grounds from a safe distance as the hooded figure looks upon the ruins of what once was a familiar baseland.

A thick, heavy snow falls on the lands..

Finn breathes heavily as he advances into the woods. He spots two Blacktroopers from afar, and positions himself behind a tall tree to calm his thoughts. He takes a deep, heavy breath as he closes his eyes, and tries to summon The Force. He readies his saber, but cannot control his anger.. and quickly rushes to their location- until, he hears a faint voice that catches him off guard, and he hides behind another tree..

The Voice: "Patience, my friend. Patience. Your anger outweighs your power. To become a Jedi, one must have balance. Before you can use The Force, you must FEEL it."

Finn looks up & around in confusion, but clearly understands the message. He takes another moment to calm himself, then carefully approaches the guards, whose are facing the other way, blaster-rifles in their hands..

A fierce Darth Revan enters the forest woods, worrying not about any sound he makes- as he hunts down the Jedi..

"I can sense you, I.. can FEEL you.." he says to himself..

In the distance, Han & the others react as we hear a saber blade ignite and we cut back to Finn, who strikes down one of the Blacktroopers, then backs off as the other fires at him. His thick, blue saber has obviously seen battle but still manages to thrwart off the incoming fire. The rapid-fire blaster forces him back, but he is able to dodge most of the rays. Finn then swings his saber side-to-side, hitting the trooper with two of his own blaster-rays. He falls to his knees in pain, grasping his left arm just under the shoulder. An angered Finn advances, with his saber pointed at the guard..

Captain Solo & the others pause as they worry about Finn's safety.. Leia grabs Han's arm, "He's gonna need some help!" Chewie lets out a cry and nods in agreement as Han sadly nods.

Rey: "We should split up, he could be in a lot of danger.." Suddenly, Han looks up as he slightly hears and notices a very faint object beginning its descent nearby, as its presence distorts the night sky above. Han replies as a smile grows on his face, "No, I think help has just arrived." He focuses back on the team, "Let's track ahead, we need to get clear of the ship!" They agree and continue on, as Leia glances up, searching for whatever had Han's attention. As they hurry on, she has a realization and smiles, then looks to Han, who nods in return.

Finn closes in on the trooper, and we see the other one crawling on the ground beside them, reaching for his blaster-rifle. "You.. you were one of us." said the kneeling guard. Finn raises his free hand, and using The Force, chucks each of their blasters far away. "Now, I'm against you." he replies. He continues to point his saber, but struggles with whether or not he should kill them..

"You cannot stop the Order, Finn," begins the other trooper, as Finn redirects the saber to his location, "you & your newfound allies will all die. You can kill us, but there are THOUSANDS more like us, soon there will be MILLIONS!"

Finn pauses for a moment, then deactivates his saber as he calms himself. "But I'm not going to kill you, THAT'S what makes US different." He takes several steps sideways as he readies his weapon, then activates the saber, and cuts clean through a tree. Finn quickly shuts off & holsters the lightsaber, then raises both arms, and uses The Force to lower the tree onto the troopers, disabling them.

He breathes a sigh of relief as he looks down at them, and as he begins to turn and walk away, a dark, robed & hooded figure emerges from out of nowhere.. his saber lights up like a fire, along with two small horizontal blades on each side. Finn is caught off guard as he panics, backing away while fastly readying & activating his weapon..

Nearby, the grounded X-Wing fighter emerges from the invisbility cloak, as the four troopers take notice, and waste no time advancing on the ship! "There!" yells one of the Blacktroopers as he points. They surround the ship, yet no figure emerges from it.. even after several moments. The equipped droid glances around with its dome head! "Prepare to fire!" orders one.. they raise their weapons to the ship, and await the call..

But then, one of the troopers, struggling, aims his blaster-rifle at the trooper to his left, and so does he, and so on.. puzzled, they glance back & forth at eachother, wondering what is happening?!

In the nearby shadows, a robed, hooded figure's eyes & part of their face are visible in the dark as their arms are raised mid-level, controlling the Blacktroopers in the nearby distance. They all glance down as each of their rifles click to RAPID-FIRE mode, and then look up & at eachother in astonishment..

They fire their blasters at eachother multiple times, as the red laser rays shine throughout the snowy surroundings. Each fall, one by one as the troopers are hit numerous times with their own weapons. The still-hooded figure emerges from a section of the base (outside) as the R2 unit beeps in joy! The figure nods to R2D2, who pops out of the craft and onto a nearby platform. The robed man kneels beside him, then reaches his white-sleeved arm out, and places his right, mechanical hand on top of the droid's head, telling him to stay behind as he goes ahead. R2 beeps in agreement as the figure slowly rises, and heads for the wooded forest as he glances around.

Meanwhile, Finn is overwhelmed by the heavy strikes from the mysterious Sith warrior, who leads the fight. The masked figure glances down at the tree covering the troopers, "Impressive.. MOST impressive!" Finn, sweating heavily, and out of breath, holds his saber with both hands as he moves side to side..

"A powerful Sith, you would have made!" Revan dashes at Finn, who blocks the three-bladed saber strikes, and delivers a swift swing at the Sith's legs, who does a mid-air flip to dodge his attack. Darth Revan delivers a vicious combo that overwhelms Finn, as he struggles to keep his balance..

Our hero falls on his back as Revan advances, with his saber pointing at his midsection. "Don't make me destroy you.." said Darth, to a confused Finn. "I know you were one of mine.. you still can be. Don't be fooled by them, Finn." The Sith then lunges at him but he rolls to the side, and regains his stance before the enemy..

Finn: "I know YOU. I remember everything.." he shuts off his saber and takes a step towards a confused Revan. "I remember Kylo." he says, with his eyebrows raised. "It's not too late for him, either." The Sith Master is FURIOUS as he continues the attack, Finn barely misses a deathly blow to his side as he switches on his lightsaber faster than hyperdrive! As the two engage in a fast-paced, fueled duel, the sounds of their sabers clashing echoes throughout the wilderness.

As Revan once again overwhelms Finn, he delivers a swift combo of strikes, one of which makes contact with Finn's left leg, just above the knee. He falls, kneeling to the ground as his saber drops, while the angered Darth Revan raises his right hand, performing the FORCE CHOKE to keep him in a hold.

Finn grasps his neck, trying to undo the spell.. but the Sith tightens his grip as he begins to lose consciousness. An incoming Revan slowly closes in.. "If you will not be turned.. you, like your friends.. will DIE!"

Finn: (struggling) "Please, Kylo.. don't do this!" The evil Sith Master laughs in arrogance. "All this time, I thought the Jedi I was seeking was an ancient warrior. But it was just.. YOU!"

Finn glances to the side as he tries to Force-retrieve his saber.. Revan continues: "You, are the last one!" Finn fails to regain his saber, and as Revan releases his grip, he prepares for a deadly strike, holding his saber in a swing-ready position.

"Alas, once again, The Jedi.. are no more!" As he's about to kill the helpless Finn.. we hear a voice in the shadows..

"The Force is STRONG in my family." Revan is caught off guard, and looks all around to spot the figure.. "My father has it. I have it. My sister has it.." Finn manages to stand up as the Sith Master is focused on his surroundings, standing en guarde with his saber. We see the mysterious, robed figure slowly move around their location, in the nearby distance.

Suddenly, Revan is Force-pushed back a ways, as we see the figure's right hand pick up Finn's saber, and hand it to him as he rests his hand on his shoulder. "You have that power too," finishes Luke Skywalker.

Finn recognizes the mechanical hand from the stories.. and stands in shock at the Jedi Master beside him.

Revan rises to his feet, and retrives his saber, activating its red blades, pointing at the Jedi Master. "You.. you're supposed to be dead?!"

Luke removes his hood, and says with a smug attitude, "Always two there are.." he reveals & reaches for his saber from his belt. "A Master," Luke ignites the glowing green saber, "and an Apprentice." He looks to Finn, who nods back before glaring at the Sith Master, activating his blue saber, raising it with both hands.

"So be it.. Jedi!" Darth Raven fiercely advances as the Jedi prepare to meet him in battle..


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