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From 2001 to 2005, everyone enjoyed following the comedic stylings of the Kyle family through their ups and downs as a happily dysfunctional family. Although the stars were clearly Michael, Janet, Junior, Claire, and Kady, no one could forget Kady's young love interest, Franklin Aloysius Mumford.

[Credit: Buena Vista Television]
[Credit: Buena Vista Television]

While for most of us puberty is a time best left in the past and the dark depths of our Facebooks that no one has the energy to scroll through, some people are absolutely killing it. For instance, Franklin, played by Noah Gray-Cabey, has grown from an adorable little boy to a total hunk in the last 10 years.

Anywhoo, here's what Noah looked like back when My Wife and Kids aired:

[Credit: Buena Vista Television]
[Credit: Buena Vista Television]

So freakin' cute. Let's not forget he was also quite the charmer on the show.

He was a child genius, good at piano, great at giving pep talks, and an all around fantastic and loving childhood boyfriend. I would have accepted his rose anytime as a kid, but as an adult I think I might be even more willing to be his bachelorette. Here's what he looks like today!

See also:

He goes to the gym and makes fart jokes? Sounds like my kind of guy.

I mean, are you kidding me?

Okay, we get it, you're super ripped and I'm pretty jealous of your workout vibes.

Even when I do make a rare appearance at the gym, I never run into Gerard Butler. Maybe I'm going to the wrong gym?

Oh and on top of all of that muscle, he's an accomplished pianist (like his character), attends Harvard University (also like his character), and still manages to make time to reprise his role as Micah Sanders from Heroes on Heroes Reborn. I guess that's what we consider child acting gone absolutely right.

You can see Noah appear on Heroes Reborn on NBC.

(Source: Instagram)


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