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Iron Man.

Good, I'm glad we established that. For those who aren't aware, Iron Man is a figu-

No, seriously, I don't have to explain who Iron Man is to you, do I?

Great. Glad we got that established, too. If it hasn't been established to you, please crawl out of your cave and watch any good movie ever and you'll get to know who Iron Man is. Period.

However, if you're looking into the future of Mr. Stark, the next installment that will feature the glorified can opener is, of course, the well-anticipated Captain America: Civil War, due to hit big screens this coming May.

Following true Marvel (and Tony Stark) tradition, Iron Man will be kicking his enemies' butts into next week with a large amount of style. This time, he'll be wearing the latest advancement in Stark tech - the MK 45 Bleeding Edge armor.

It is now accepted by all Marvel movie fans that most characters evolve between their appearances on-screen. We've seen Falcon move from grey to red wings, Cap switch latex for armored cotton and (most noticeably) The Hulk switched Ed Norton for Mark Ruffalo. However, out of all evolutions of Marvel cinematic roles, none make more sense than the evolution of Iron Man. Heck, his job is to invent new stuff. He even invented Cap's new suit for the latest movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

So it should come as no surprise that Tony will be switching up his suit this May, and even less of one that he'll be blasting enemies into next week in all-new, upgraded ways. Luckily for you people, this post is set to describe all of them.

Instant Access

For those familiar with the comic side of Marvel, the Bleeding Edge armor is a significant advancement in Tony Stark's armory. It employs the Extremis technology (developed & shown in Iron Man 3) to store the Iron Man armor within Mr. Stark's hollowed-out bones. These 'nanites' are commanded by Iron Man's brain, and respond to his every command. Pretty cool stuff.

What this means is that our favorite toaster can always get out of trouble if he needs to. Things like ambushes whilst he isn't wearing his armor won't work any more, so the stealthier members on Cap's team suddenly have quite a few of their skills rendered, well, pretty useless, really.

Incredible Physical Strength

This armor is also incredibly strong. Like, really, really strong. How strong? Well, it can take down comic book Thor, who is infinitely more powerful than his movie-based little brother. Not only that, but more avid readers will already know that it can take down an amped Red Hulk, a hero whose power can equal that of Bruce Banner's alter ego himself.

The Bleeding Edge armor is also the second of its kind (in the comics at least), as the first suit to employ Extremis tech was the previous adaptation, the Extremis Armor. For you to get a full picture, that very armor (Bleeding Edge's little brother) took down the hero who was the most powerful being in the universe a while back - the Marvel character Sentry.

This fella.
This fella.

As for who Sentry is, it's pretty self explanatory. Nobody (yet) knows his limits, as they haven't ever been shown. He has so far demonstrated super strength, super speed, hyper-intelligence, he can fly and has mental capabilities beyond those of most Earth based psychics. This dude once calmed The Hulk down, and he's hailed as having powers to rival the Silver Surfer's and The Phoenix's.

So yeah, he's pretty tough. And the Bleeding Edge armor took him down.

It's okay to be scared, Cap.
It's okay to be scared, Cap.

A MUCH Wider Array of Weapons

As I've said, the Bleeding Edge armor is made of mentally programmable nanites stored inside Tony's skeleton. These nanites not only can form his armor, but also his clothes, an external mechanical bodyguard, a handgun, or a donut maker.

Told you so.
Told you so.

These nanites feature prominently nowadays in the comics, and are the basis of all of his latest suits, such as the Superior Iron Man armor and the soon-to-arrive new universe's Iron Man suit.

Superior Iron Man.
Superior Iron Man.

So we can be expecting to see a whole new set of powers from Tony next time he turns up on screen, and a whole new set of painful noises from Captain America. However, whilst it is true that the comics version of this book made Stark one of the most powerful heroes in the entire Marvel universe, it's likely we'll see a very dumbed-down version in the films - so take this all with a pinch of salt.

Marvel often do this, in cases such as The Hulk's and undoubtedly Thor's. So, sadly, we'll probably see quite a couple of these upgrades, but almost definitely not all of them. Sorry about that, Tony.

But what do you guys think? Which of these upgrades are we most likely to see? Which ones won't we see? Leave your thoughts in the comments, or take the poll! Until next time guys :)


Which upgrade would you most want to see in Captain America: Civil War?


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