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Reed Hastings said at a New York Times conference that TV companies should get TV Everywhere as soon as possible in order to compete against Netflix.

Netflix Inc. is the uncrowned king of the streaming industry. The company has expanded its business in more than 80 countries and almost 70 million subscribers can access the on demand streaming service to watch TV whenever they want. It has changed the perception of how viewers will watch television in the future. After expanding its business in most areas of the world, one thing the company and its officials are sure of is that no one can come to its level whatsoever. The company claims itself to be the best streaming app platform in the world.

The CEO of the company, Reed Hastings, is too proud of his company and wants its rivals to bring up some competition to make the battle intense. He is not much worried about the competition but wants to learn and grow if such situation comes by. According to him, the content providers must keep two words in their minds if they are to take on Netflix, ‘TV Everywhere’. Ever since the inception of the streaming service giant, it has made watching TV easier for its viewers as it can be viewed on a television, a gaming console, laptops, or a smartphone.

The CEO of Netflix was speaking at a New York Times conference where he gave tips to the companies who plan to challenge it in the marker. He stated that he knows the strengths and weaknesses of other streaming apps currently available in the market. Recode further mentioned that he is not scared in giving away secrets to the competitors because he knows that other companies cannot do what he and his company are able to do. This is a bold statement but so far Netflix has proved its capability to rule over the TV industry.

Reed Hastings said, “The challenge in the industry is that it’s very fragmented between the cable networks and the distributors, and so it’s really tough to work well together, to extend the ecosystem”. He previously claimed that the cable TV and satellite TV providers will become obsolete in the next two to three years. At the conference, he stated that companies like Time Warner and HBO etc. had the opportunity to get TV Everywhere properly but they failed to avail their golden chance and are now repenting it.

Netflix has been able to successfully make watching TV an integral part of people’s lives by providing not only unlimited entertainment offerings but an option to watch anywhere whenever the viewer wants.


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