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While the Xbox One and Playstation 4 may make their profit with triple-A titles like [Assassin's Creed](tag:437814) and Call Of Duty, Nintendo is known for making games off of their own massively popular franchises, such as Super Mario Bros. and Pokemon.

A particularly popular and profitable Nintendo franchise is The Legend of Zelda, which has experienced incredible success with past games such as Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. However, with the focus being on Nintendo's mobile gaming systems, the franchise hasn't experienced a new console installment since Skyward Sword back in 2011.

Link, the Hero of Time.
Link, the Hero of Time.

Originally, after the release of the Wii U console, Nintendo planned on releasing a new Legend of Zelda game, utilizing the console's newer capabilities. However, after the E3 video game convention in 2015, The Legend of Zelda: Wii U was nowhere to be seen. Instead, Nintendo's focus was on Starfox Zero, a new installment in their science-fiction franchise.

It was announced that the new Zelda game would instead debut in 2016 after the development team could perfect the game. Though when Nintendo revealed their roster for 2016, the Zelda title was not to be seen. Does this mean that the game has been cancelled entirely? Or merely that they don't know when they will finish? There are a few possibilities as to why we have yet to experience Link back in action.

Nintendo Is Waiting For The Nintendo NX

Though the Wii U is anything but dated at this point, Nintendo is moving full force towards their next console, the Nintendo NX, set to debut in 2016. The console is rumored to be Nintendo's attempt at combining major consoles and handheld console into one groundbreaking hybrid that hasn't been done before.

We've seen Nintendo spread a single Zelda title over multiple titles with Twilight Princess, which was released on both the Nintendo Gamecube and the Wii. It seems entirely plausible that Nintendo is waiting a little bit longer to bring a familiar title to their brand new system. Since neither Zelda nor the NX has a set release date, they may end up debuting at the same time.

They Are Upgrading The Entire Graphics System

The entire Legend of Zelda franchise is well-known for varying the styles of their games drastically. Sure, they all feature a green-garbed Link battling through temples to beat the evil Ganon, but the visual style rarely stayed the same. Ocarina of Time was a break-out for the Nintendo 64 graphics capabilities, Wind Waker gave us a fresh and vibrant animation style, and Twilight Princess showed us darker and more realistic graphics.

We were shown a taste of the graphics for the Wii U title back at E3 in 2014, and Nintendo had plenty of footage to show in 2015, but for some reason they pulled the footage. The most plausible explanation was that they decided to completely revamp the graphics. Therefore, any footage shown would have given us the wrong impression of the game.

They Had Other Priorities

Yes, we are all still waiting for a new Zelda console game, but that doesn't mean that Link's adventures have been missing altogether. Only a few months ago. Nintendo released Tri Force Heroes for the 3DS. Tri Force Heroes is a game similar to The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords where multiple players team up to complete missions together.

Perhaps instead of moving forward with the Wii U title, the Nintendo crew opted to finish up Tri Force Heroes. Nintendo is also about to release Twilight Princess HD for the Wii U, so it's possible that the work that went into both titles delayed work for The Legend of Zelda: Wii U.

There are many different reasons why the new Zelda game might be delayed, but I'm sure we can all agree that we hope it doesn't get delayed any further. The entire Legend of Zelda franchise has been such a big part of many gamers' lives, so I'm sure the upcoming game will make a lot of Nintendo fans very, very happy.


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