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We've still got a long time to wait for Transformers 5, but we've had a steady stream of news lately that gives us a better idea of what the next film could be about. Paramount are working hard on creating plenty more movies for the Transformers Franchise, as well as some animated features. A potential TV show is being discussed, along with plenty more merchandise coming soon from Hasbro.

After putting together a writers' room with some of Hollywood's best scribes, it's no surprise that Paramount have big plans for Transformers, with movies planned for the next 10 years! Recently, Akiva Goldsman sat down with IGN to discuss these plans, and revealed some crucial hints for Transformers 5... and beyond.

Standalone Movies?

This is probably the most surprising revelation that Goldsman had for fans. Though many people assumed that Transformers 5 would lead straight on from [Transformers: Age of Extinction](tag:206531), perhaps following Optimus Prime as he journeys through space, Goldsman seems to have other plans.

Instead of the continuous storyline that we've followed through the Transformers films so far, subsequent installments in the franchise will be far more episodic. The new movies' plots will be more self contained, so they can act as standalones while contributing to an over-arching plot, according to Goldsman.

"Our hope is that they are all interconnected and of course standalone, right? I think architecturally, the best -- I think I believe this -- the best serialized storytelling has integrity from start to finish of the episode, whether it be TV or a movie or comic book or novel series or short story series. You want to be able to satisfy both appetites -- which I think is very different from procedural or episodic. You want to feed the instinct for the short-term gratification and the longterm gratification. So we're trying to do both."

This poses plenty of questions. If the new films are seen as more self contained, will we get different protagonists for each movie? This certainly suggests that the writers are pursuing multiple plot possibilities too, so it's possible we could see a sort of Marvel Cinematic Universe thing happen, with multiple standalone films feeding into a larger plot.

One thing's for certain: despite some fans asking for a movie with just Transformers, those pesky humans aren't going anywhere any time soon.

The Human Element

Although the human protagonists offer up our own perspective to the world of the Transformers, the idea of an all-robot Transformers movie has been tossed around for a long time now. In fact, it was considered for Transformers 5 before Paramount vetoed the idea. Goldsman revealed exactly why the humans are essential to any Transformers movie...

"Fundamentally, there seems to be something really great about the interaction between the two species. I think that, in the main, I would suggest that that would be something you wouldn't want to squander. Although that doesn't mean that you couldn't do all sorts of things for a little while."

He makes a very good point. Part of the reason the Transformers franchise has the appeal it does, is because we human viewers can imagine ourselves in the film, having adventures with the Transformers. Losing the humans might make the story a lot more dull, and it would reduce the plot greatly.

As for who those humans might be for Transformers 5, Mark Wahlberg is confirmed to return, but there has been no more official news on casting.

Finally, it seems like the fans will be getting that prequel movie they've been asking for... but it won't be quite as we expected!

Animated Prequel

That's right: although there were persistent rumours about Transformers 5 being a prequel (perhaps set on Cybertron), it seems as though this isn't the case. We will get to see just what happened on Cybertron before the first Transformers film, but in an animated movie!

IGN: "We've heard about that animated movie being an origin movie with just Transformers in it, right?"
Goldsman: "Yeah, the prequel. It takes place before Optimus and Megatron ever come to Earth."

So there you go folks! We'll finally find out the Transformers' full backstory. Whether this film will be released to cinemas or just on TV has yet to be revealed, and we still don't have a release date. But it's in the works!

What would you like to see happen in the prequel and future Transformers movies? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!

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