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I've been an avid reader of the start wars universe for thiry decades.
Derek D. Jones

Luke Light Side can never be Dark - Trial by Fire

Youth who blog have not spent lifetimes immersed in not just the games but also the books of the Star Wars universe. George Lucas, Mr. Spielberg, Alan Dean Foster, Timothy Zahn, and most recently J. J. Abrams have more than three decades of parts of our lives invested in Science Fact as well as fiction. Luke can not has not and never will be fully dark. Yes, his wife Mara was far more dark side but that is a several stories in and of it's self. Now real world. Mark Hamill is older like myself Harrison and Carrie. He never was a stunt man like Harrison. Those of us his age remember the terrible car accident that almost prevented his return in "The Empire Strikes Back." Modern CGA not withstanding his role is going to minimal in the new film. Love you Mark, but in reality we are all only human on this Earth. From the spiritual side and the time line that J.J. picked the new action takes place long after; Splinter of the Minds Eye," but possibly while the Jedi Academy is still young. Much as I love Mara as a character she may not even have a big role in this film. Heck from leaks, I'm not even sure if Jacen, Jaina or Young Anakin are even present or more than toddlers, since Chewbacca is alive. That means this movie may be just before; the Center Point Station trilogy. Only time will tell; and like George I can't wait to see what J.J. Abrams has dreamt up.


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