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Shadan Syed

So I got kicked out of Moviepilot's writing program yesterday and here is what I have learnt from it.

Yesterday, I got a mail, a mail that took away my sleep. The mail was from MP's community head Kat Bacon. It stated that I can no longer continue writing under Moviepilot University because of plagiarism that I committed with one of articles. It shook me to the core. Some may think that this exaggerated but no, Moviepilot and MPU are two things that I value a lot. And the latter was took away from me, rightfully.

To tell you my part of the story, here is what happened. It was around 2 in the morning here in India. I was completing this VERY long article of mine, the material was taken from this particular website which had originally taken it from this website called Bored Panda.

Left - ScoopWhoop, Right - Bored Panda
Left - ScoopWhoop, Right - Bored Panda

I took the photos from the article and then put it up in my article. I then decided to write the details on my own. But, first I copied the original one for reference for some of the entries and then started to alter them and make my own. But soon, the power cut off and all my hard work went down with it. I opened up my PC yet again, but the one with the copied one was still there. So I thought I would copy it all down and send it for annotations. I thought that I would change all of it and then make it my own after the annotations. BUT, that was VERY VERY foolish of me. I had submitted a copied work. And thats utterly unethical.

Please note that I am in no way justifying plagiarism. It has no excuses. But, this what I had to say about my part. So all I have to say to all you guys is...Please never do plagiarism. Its very wrong and can prove to be utterly destructive. I lost a thing I valued because of it and I don't want any of you lovely creators to experience the same.I wanted to let you all know about that you learn from it. You learn from my mistakes and never repeat it.

So after 16 articles, here I am not able to finish my remaining 8. And I don't know whether I will continue writing or not, because I feel very bad. I feel guilty of committing a very serious crime. That's all I had to say, Creators. Its been a great journey.


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