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James Wood

Prepare your stomach before you watch The Green Inferno. This is a shocking cannibal horror film, imagine Hostel on steroids and you end up with this. Don't expect jump scares, just the constant aura of threat and the knowledge that some gory stuff is going to go down.

Before I praise this film, I can't look past the fact that the first and middle act of the film takes itself too seriously. If this film had a sense of humour the violence that follows later on would be even more shocking, juxtaposing what had come before. I didn't like Sky Ferreira, her character was generally unlikeable and her performance felt bland and half arsed. I felt there was a lot of filler before the action goes down, don't get me wrong build-ups are great as they get your anticipation building but The Green Inferno has a lot of useless scenes. Dull dorm room conversation and long winded sequences where the volunteers travel through the country seem to go on, yes it's good to establish the setting but for a short time only, it's like spoon feeding the audience the fact that these characters are abroad.

Negatives out the way, this film packs a punch. The protest scene is to tense, watching the characters caught up at gunpoint for a prolonged amount of time got my blood pumping. The plane crash was cut together very fast so there was no time to catch your a breath. Characters perish immediately so blink and you'll miss! The acting beyond this point excels. Kirby Bliss Blanton and Lorenza Izzo are exceptional, both looking like deer in headlights, wide eyed with terror throughout without resorting to over doing it with the screams. Aaron Burns, poor Aaron Burns, this actor has without a doubt one of the most gruesome, raw and most painful looking death scenes I've ever seen in a film. Obviously it's prosthetics but his panic and sudden realisation before he is torn apart is frightening. Watch as the native leader plunges a scalpel into his eye sockets, pulling them out, followed by the cutting off of his nose, proceeding to his mouth before completely chopping him apart. Vulgar on all levels but fascinating, morbid but so watchable. Eli Roth goes all out and it's glorious.

I think this is one of Roth's best films! The first act aside, The Green Inferno is shocking and well acted, with enough interesting characters and more than enough gore and body parts thrown around.


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