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Tyler Bale
I think the demon possessed someone at a fast food restaurant to keep saying "and thennnnnnnn?!" after it got bored of saying "daddy, you scared me" 50 times, which to me sounded like a recording playing over and over. "The Woman in Black" I can forgive, because I could make it laughable with commentary. "Scary or Die" Couldn't get through it, some hillbillies find some zombies then an Asian who keeps walking for 10 minutes finds Van Helsing trying to kill a vampire and gets killed from the vampire. Couldn't turn my brain off to try to make it through. M Night Shyamalan's "The Village" I wish one of those fake monsters would pop out of the movie and rip the part of my brain out that remembers that movie. Best- "Ju On" Stephen King (too many to name), "Creepshow 3", "Sinister", "Devil, "The House of 1,000 Corpses", "The Devil's Rejects", "Hostel" 1 (others dragged on), "Silent Hill" mostly because I had to stay in an insane asylum that had the siren loudspeakers for premobilization for one of my deployments. Ventured into another off limits building and found a long haunted looking hallway with a wheelchair sitting in the middle of the hallway. You're Next was good, but I didn't like most of the characters, so I just wanted to see if and when they'd die. I mostly just liked how she kept turning the tables on them and making them scream.

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