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30 years has passed since the Battle of Endor when the Rebel Alliance defeated the Empire along with the last of the Sith, Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine. During those 30 years, much has happened: The New Republic was formed out of the Rebel Alliance with Princess Leia taking a high-level political leadership role while Luke, Han, Lando, and Chewbacca taking lead roles with the New Republic’s Resistance X-Wing StarFighters and Luke still leading Rouge Squadron where they would pair up (Luke & Lando, Han & Chewbacca) and take a certain area of the galaxy to root out the remnants of the Empire (Lando and Han make a deal that they would take turns using the Millennium Falcon when going on these missions).

Leia and Han are married and have their first born son, Ren. Luke grew tired of piloting and asked Leia and Han if he can take Ren as his first apprentice to learn the ways of the Force. Leia wants no part in learning the ways of the Jedi because of her busy role in the New Republic. But Luke convinces her to at least learn the basics of communicating via the Force. Ren, growing up with his dad, mom, and uncle; they tell him everything about their past history including his grandfather Anakin on how he succumbed to the Dark Side. And then Luke defeating Darth Vader and redeeming his grandfather, Anakin. Luke informs Ren that he’s the first step in bringing balance to the Force, but Ren becomes extremely rebellious and doesn’t believe in the ways of the Jedi. Luke tries and tries to train Ren in Jedi ways, but he ultimately fails. During a battle with one of the remnants of the Empire, Luke and Ren (age 15) are slicing and dicing stormtroopers but then they come up against General Snoke.

The New Republic is winning, but at this moment where Luke, Ren, and Snoke are facing each other, Ren betrays Luke by attacking him and cutting off his prosthetic right hand. He escapes with Snoke and they travel to the farthest reaches of the Galaxy to regroup. Luke, extremely disappointed with himself looks for advice from Force Ghosts Yoda, Ben, and Anakin. They recommend that he needs to regoup himself. Luke builds himself a new metallic prosthetic right hand that accelerates his hand coordination via the Force. Leia has her second born, Rey. But Luke, Leia, and Han decided it was best to not tell her anything about the Force for now so they don’t have the same experience they had with Ren. Luke is seeking for answers, and the advice given was that he should travel alone as the only Jedi to where the Jedi Order was founded, planet Tython.

He leaves his friends and family, but R2D2 adamantly won’t leave Luke, so Luke decides to take him with him. In Taris, he hopes that he can think of a way to redeem Ren and rebuild the Jedi Order. During this time, the New Republic is thriving and almost completely destroyed the remnants of the Empire. They have one last stronghold on the Outer Rim, the planet Jakku. The New Republic and the Empire broker a peace treaty and that the Empire will surrender. Leia and high level officials send Lando and his group of StarFighters along to protect high ranking New Republic officials to Jakku for the Empire’s surrender.

The New Republic’s thoughts were that this is a weakened Empire and that they finally will have peace in the Galaxy. But when this group of the New Republic is meeting with Empire officials above the planet of Jakku in one of the Empire’s Star Destroyer, Lando and the high ranked officials are ambushed and the Empire attacks them. They take them as prisoners. The Battle of Jakku begins. The New Republic emergently calls all Resistance StarFighters from all over the Galaxy to Jakku.

Meanwhile, Han and Chewbacca are coming back from a peaceful mission to Kashyyyk which houses the newly freed Wookies in their home planet. They have a 3-year old Rey, because she loves playing with the Wookies. They are traveling back to Leia and the New Republic’s capital planet. But they get a distressed message from the New Republic forces about Jakku and that Lando is captured. They turn the Millenium Falcon around and head towards Jakku. The Battle of Jakku ensues and ultimately the New Republic wins because they outnumbered the Empire once they arrived in Jakku.

But there are severe casualties from this battle. The General of the last Empire’s Star Destroyer which has Lando imprisoned decides that he’d rather drive it into the planet than to have the New Republic capturing them. So they fly straight into the planet where the impact is so strong that 1/4 of the Star Destroyer goes deep through the ground. This is the front section, so everyone perishes, including the Empire’s general and Lando. During the battle, the Millennium Falcon suffers a huge hit it comes tumbling down onto the sandy grounds of Jakku. Han, Chewbacca, and Rey are still alive, but the Millennium Falcon has lost its hyperdrive function and flying capabilities.

Even though the New Republic outnumbered the Empire, huge numbers of all ship types of both the New Republic and Empire were destroyed by the time the battle was over. Beforehand, the Empire enslaved and controlled the people of Jakku which consists of thieves and smugglers. What was special about Jakku that made it strategic for the Empire is that they can make the planet “disappear” by jamming signals for Galaxy Positioning Systems (GPS). When the Empire was brokering the peace treaty, they gave the New Republic “directions”, not coordinates to planet Jakku. These are temporary “directions” only used once that Han and the reinforcement get when the distressed message is sent.

Once the Empire was destroyed, the people of Jakku took control of the Jammer systems and made Jakku “disappear” from outsiders of the Outer Rim. This strands Han, Chewbacca, and Rey on the planet Jakku with no way for them to get home to Leia and the New Republic’s capital planet. All ships and technology is destroyed rendering any hope of leaving. So Han and Chewbacca decided that they will raise Rey (My Two Dads!) on Jakku. And Han will go back to his smuggling ways to survive just like Tattooine before he met Luke and Obi-wan. Han keeps to the promise of Luke and Leia that they would never tell her the truth.

So as the next 10 plus years go by, the 3 of them survive and live by scavenging. And as Rey grows up, she becomes proficient in scavenging. Han and Chewbacca hope one day they would actually find parts and technology to power up the Millennium Falcon which they hid after the Battle of Jakku. During these years, Leia is back with the New Republic devastated that she lost Han and Rey; trying to think of ways to get back to Jakku. Luke is in solitude hoping to find a way to bring back Ren and to rebuild the Jedi, and Ren is back in the far reaches of the Galaxy with Snoke. Years past and Ren has adopted the name, Kylo Ren which still acknowledges his family linage (S-ky-walker So-lo).

Kylo, Snoke, and the remnants of the Empire grow exponentially in numbers over the years and rename themselves the “First Order”. And their mantra is that they want to reclaim the Galaxy in the name of Darth Vader who wanted “Order” in the galaxy by bringing balance in the Force via the Dark Side. General Snoke becomes Supreme Leader Snoke with high level generals like General Hux on their side. Along with Captain Phasma leading the First Order Stormtroopers. Kylo has an elite group of followers called the Knights of Ren. He and the knights believe that if they collect relics of the Force, they would one day become Sith.

Before Kylo Ren left Luke, Han, and Leia, he took Darth Vader’s melted mask and he made part of it to make his own. He also created his own crossguard lightsaber. Kylo and his Knights of Ren are looking for anything that belonged to Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker since these relics contain the force. Now back to when Lando was tasked to protect the New Republic officials, beforehand he just came back from Cloud City on the planet Bespin where he used to be the high authority of. Someone found Luke Skywalker’s original lightsaber that he lost when Vader cut his right hand off. This is the same lightsaber that belonged to Anakin. Lando had the lightsaber on him when he went to Jakku and planned to give it to Han and Leia back in the New Republic’s Capital Planet, to eventually give back to Luke when he comes back from solitude.

But now the lightsaber is beneath the earth of the Planet Jakku. This is where one day, Rey scavenges the Star Destroyer and discovers Luke and Anakin’s lightsaber. When she grabs the lightsaber, since she is force sensitive and the granddaughter of Anakin this “alerts” Kylo, Leia, and Luke creating a connection between all of them. This Force connection hones in on the location of Jakku.

Luke is the farthest away, but understands the events that are about to unfold. Kylo being the closest to Jakku immediately assembles the First Order and heads to Jakku. Leia immediately sends her best pilot, Poe Dameron, on a mission to find Rey, Han, and Chewbacca not knowing that the First Order exists. A First Order Star Destroyer housing Tie Fighters and Stormtroopers arrives on the planet Jakku and Finn is a First Order Stormtrooper who is torn between what he’s grown up to learn as a Stormtrooper versus him having a good moral compass. He witnesses Stormtroopers killing and he can’t take it anymore. He steals a Tie Fighter and crash lands on the planet Jakku.

He meets Rey and BB-8 and they go off to find Han and Chewbacca. Once Han sees that Rey has Luke’s lightsaber and that the First Order and Resistance have arrived at Jakku, he tells her that the stories she heard of the past are all true. Jedi and the Dark Side. With the new technology in the downed Tie Fighter, Han and Chewbacca believe that they can use the parts to fix the Hyperdrive and flying capabilities of the Millennium Falcon. They fix it and its finally fully functional.

Their paths cross with Poe Dameron as well, and that Leia is already on her way to them with more Resistance X-Wing StarFighters and New Republic reinforcements in tow. They all have to find Luke who is probably a Yoda-level Jedi by now. Kylo on the otherhand is looking for his little sister to obtain the lightsaber and follow her to Luke. And instead of bringing Rey to the dark side like Vader tried with Luke; he wants to kill her instead along with Luke, Leia, and the New Republic. Because then, he will finish what his grandfather started. And back in the First Order’s homebase planet where they have been regrouping since they were the remnants of the Empire, the First Order created something much more devastating than the 2 Death Stars combined; Starkiller.


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