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I think it's safe to say we won't enjoy another great Batman game for a while. Especially since Arkham Knight has so much awesome replay value. If Rocksteady ever gets back around to the caped crusader though, they should use these three great ideas for his next adventure in gaming.

3. Animated Batman

Wouldn't it be awesome to play as animated Batman from the popular cartoon show? The story would be similar to other Batman games, as far as taking down his popular villains. But it wouldn't be nearly as serious, and definitely more kid friendly.

2. '60's Batman

Take the caped crusader back to the 1960s, throw in that silly Robin as well. The story and game-play should be comical and goofy. Have Batman drive the classic Batmobile from then, and give him only the silliest of his gadgets... yes I'm talking about you, shark-repellent spray.

1. Flashpoint Batman

Instead of playing as Bruce Wayne, we get to play as his father when he dons the cowl, and his mother as the villainous Joker. Also, if you thought the past Batman games were violent, then you have another thing coming! Because this version of Batman uses all types of guns, and definitely doesn't mind killing at all!


Which of these Batman games would you want to play the most?


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