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Ever since Guardians Of The Galaxy made it's debut, fans have been speculating over the big question that leads to the sequel. Who is Star-Lord's Father?

Now that question has finally been answered for us, we know that in a recent interview Bradley Cooper opened up on these details, although we now have confirmation from Gunn himself. It is in fact Thanos that is Peter Quill's dad.

Yes, you read that right.

Gunn took to his Facebook page to tell the world this revelation was true. Bradley had just received his script and let these details loose in a recent interview. He also confirmed that Thanos would be the main villain in Guardians of The Galaxy too, leading us nicely into the Infinity War movies.

Gunn reveals all
Gunn reveals all

This reveal is obviously going to have a huge impact on the MCU and everyone's attitude towards Star-Lord now that this huge secret has been revealed.

Does this shocking revelation change the way you see Guardians of the Galaxy? Let me know in the comments below!


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