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So last night I stayed up an extra 3 hours creating this list of my Batfam Fancast list. Some people I'm not 100% sure I want as the person but I couldn't find anyone else so this was the best choice. Please leave alternatives below btw because there may be someone even perfecter for the role than the person I chose (but for Tim Drake's actor that's going to have to be a pretty good damn actor).Anyways here is my list...

Bruce Wayne/ Batman

Now quite obviously I chose Christian Bale. I absolutely loved The Dark Knight trilogy and it's probably my favourite batman movie series ever. I think he made an amazing batman and a pretty good Bruce Wayne.

Dick Grayson/ Nightwing (or whatever he is now)

I chose Steven McQueen. This choice I was a bit unsure of... Mostly because his hair wasn't long and I wasn't sure he had the proper personality to play Dick Grayson but I could kind of see it if he grew his hair long and trained hard enough. Also I'm sure he could pull off all the special Nightwing tricks he does and he seems like he would be okay at stage fighting.

Barbara Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle

Babs (for me) was a really hard decision to make because she is definetly one of my favourite superheroes of all time but in the end I chose Karen Gillan. I chose her because I feel like Barbara needs to be sexy, nerdy and beautiful at the same time and that's really hard to find someone that looks like that but I felt this actress really captured that look. She also was Nebula in GOTG which proves she could take on a role that fights like Barbara.

Jason Todd/ Red Hood

Now I tried very hard not to choose Jensen Ackles, in fact I set out trying to find a mostly unknown actor but as you can see that failed. And I know that he looks older then who I cast for Dick, Barbara and even Bruce but anyone can look younger or older nowadays it wouldn't be too hard. Anyways I chose him because in the under the red hood movie he did absolutely incredible and definitely showed who Jason Todd is and how he is feeling. I think the other reason it was hard to find someone is that I love Jason a lot and I hate that they're ruining his character and I'm being really picky with my castings... That probably needs to be fixed.

Tim Drake/ Red Robin

This is probably one of my favourite fancasts I've ever done in my life because I think that Logan Lerman is a human embodiment of Tim Drake. I feel him and Steven (Dick's actor) would have a cute bromance and then (when you find out who plays Stephanie) I think him and her look really nice together. Also he could do some stunts as he has done some movies that include fighting skills.

Cassandra Cain/ Black Bat

Okay don't get all angry with me for this one because I don't particularly love it but it was the best I could do. If anyone of u have tried this you will know how hard Cass (and Damian) are to cast because of their heritages. I decided to cast Jamie Chung because if she cut her hair died it back to black and practised her acting skills a bit more I think she could make a good Cass.

Stephanie Brown/ Spoiler

This one I think is an absolutely perfect casting. Chloe Moretz as Stephanie Brown. She looks nearly identical to Stephanie especially the new 52 version and she's about the right age. She has experience with fighting and superhero movies from being in Kick Ass and she is definetly a great actress who could pull off someone like Steph. She also looks good with the actor who plays Tim Drake and her and Cass's actress have already met each other so hopefully they would have some chemistry.

Damian Wayne/ Robin

Now as I've said already I really struggled with Dami and Cass because of their Arabic and Asian heritage and at the end of the day they never really acknowledge it in the comics. So I decided to go with the actor that plays a young Bruce Wayne on Gotham. Although the show isn't great I still like how they're portraying the young Bruce and David Mazouz is doing very good with it. So I decided to cast him as Damian because he does look a lot like his father at a young age so I thought it would work.

Alfred Pennyworth/ The Batler

For Alfred I cast another familiar face from The Dark Knight, Michael Caine. He was my favourite Alfred (excluding the animated ones) ever casted and I really enjoyed watching him do scenes with Christian Bale and I think they worked really well together and I would like to see that again. Although I cast him ,the Alfred from the Tim Burton movies was quite good as well even though the last two movies weren't impressive.

Selina Kyle/ Catwoman

I quite like the casting of Olivia Wilde as Selina as she definetly can pull it off but I was a bit worried about what her and Christian Bale would look like together and I'm not sure they'd look the best together but I guess you never know until it actually happens. I think she should go with the Catwoman style from the Arkham games and I'm not saying she has to cut her hair short for it but I think she could at least have a wig because a small part of me has always liked the idea of selina with short black hair although I loved her hair in Batman Returns.

Talia Al Ghul

I liked the Talia look in the Arkham City game as well and I think a perfect representation of that would be of Mila Kunis as the actress. At first I wasn't that sure because she doesn't look too much like Talia and I didn't think she could pull of her accent but then I realised how much she actually looked like her in the games and decided to give her a go.

Commissioner James Gordon

For James I wanted a slightly older actor to play him because Barbara is a bit older than if he was a middle aged man. And I tried so hard to find one but I really couldn't. If anyone finds any ideas please tell me as its really frustrating me.

Helena Bertinelli/ Wayne

I think both the Helena's look pretty similar and I couldn't find two separate ones so I decided to choose one actor who could play both. I think it is more likely she would play Wayne as her features are a bit softer but she'd still do a great job at the original huntress. She also was pretty badass in the Terminator movie so she would be able to do fight scenes without too much trouble. The only problem would be her hair's a little light and would most likely need to be black.

Kate Kane/ Batwoman

Once again this was another perfect casting. For me Kate wasn't really hard to choose and the only real problem I have with this actress is I would probably prefer if she wore a wig or died her hair a harsher red as I love her hair in the comics. I love batwoman and hope they would keep her sexuality the same and not ignore the fact she's a lesbian and I think this actress would be good with playing a gay character and wouldn't be offended or make it awkward in any way.

I hope I didn't traumatise or completely shock any of you like someone did when they suggested Ryan Gosling should play Jay (*shivers*). Anyway please comment more suggestions and characters I missed with their castings next to them.

Thankyou and byeeee x


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