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Sienna Miller, thanks to MTV just added her name to the list of actresses that want a shot in Marvel’s Captain Marvel. Miller joins Ronda Rousey and Vikings star Katheryn Winnick as the latest gals to speak on playing the new face of Marvel. Miller costars along side Bradly Cooper in Burnt. During an interview with MTV Miller with the push from her costar (Cooper) admitted she would love to play a hero, but isn't too familiar with the comic books.

"I’m not someone who read a lot of comics and I don’t really know that world particularly well…but I think it would be quite fun - for my kid as well. She’d like it.”

Check out the clip below.

While this is some interesting, fun news to say the least Forbes reported that Rouge Nation star Rebecca Ferguson was their top choice back in September. Ferguson is someone I really like as their choice, she’s a fresh face and relatively young (32). I first saw her in Hercules (The Rock’s version), but it was her role as the spy Isla Faust that really eased my mind. As Faust she was fantastic especially in the opera house (and that yellow dress ) scene where she was sexy, strapped, and does a move that would make Jackie Chan proud.

Still, we don’t know if she will accept the role, but there a more than a few actresses banging on Marvel’s door for an opportunity to play the role of Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel is set to hit theaters July 6, 2018


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