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Fans have been biting their heads off wondering when the next footage for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice might arrive. Producer Charles Roven recently sat down with Collider to discuss none other than the film. During the interview he did reveal that more footage would be coming by the end of this year:

“Honestly, you’re going be seeing something very soon… I don’t know how you define soon but certainly before the end of the year, how about that?”

Hmmm..well that's interesting isn't it. Earlier last month a rumor was reported that the next, possible trailer release was revealed on a website called The Projection List.

So it's likely that December is when we will get to see the next trailer for Batman v Superman, pending some surprise drop this month of November. Regardless of what date the new trailer drops, fans can start getting excited that more epic footage of this spectacle will drop sooner rather than later.

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