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Are Meta-human doppelgängers a harbinger of bad luck for Team Flash?

Where Arrow finally stepped up its game, episode 4 of The Flash felt like filler. Short-lived, the episode served as a calm before the storm, following a prior 3 episodes of dramatic tension. A breather was needed, and viewers were left dissatisfied… until the last few minutes of course; and last week’s revealing episode!

Saddened to not see Jay Garrick, the character seemed deliberately absent from events, in order to position the love-quadrant surrounding Barry Allen; and to shatter the shiny new Flash glow, to prepare for the less shimmery character development revealed in last week’s episode.

Barry’s love for Iris established, the episode made sure to feature intimate scenes between Barry and Caitlin, and Barry and Patty; before a Halloween parody of the Superbowl left shark; a meta-human, drew our attention back to Zoom.

With the singularity momentarily forgotten; only to be hilariously remembered via a land based shark, the episode centered itself on saving Professor Stein. In a Caitlin-centric episode, she aids the team in trying to find another half to team Firestorm; a task ending in a triggered meta-human with a history of violence, a former jock with a new dream, and some closure for a widowed Caitlin.

The lighter tone of this episode, in which Stein and Jefferson Jackson leave Central City, allows me to hope for Ronnie’s return, along with Firestorm’s poignancy.

Alternatively, with another look at the Legends of Tomorrow trailer, Stein is the only noticeable half of Firestorm present. Unable to decipher his form through the flames, the possibility of Ronnie’s return seems less certain with his replacement.

It is only through Robbie Amell (aka Ronnie's) Instagram post that hope is not yet lost.

For the love of Jefferson Jackson, is it possible that Zoom took Ronnie’s power? Or has he been de-meta’d by Killer Frost? If he did indeed wind up in Earth 2, Ronnie may return to be the scientist that Caitlin craves to add to the fold; as seen in her pursuit of Jay and Henry Hewitt.

The end of the episode sought to solve our game of ‘guess who?’ with Harrison Wells. Having saved Barry from King Shark, is this a non-pseudo Wells, Eobard-less, speedster-absent Harrison, who seeks to redeem his name in Earth 1? Or is Wells’ egotistical-self destined for Doom? playing the long game with Barry Allen?

With closure comes new drama. Determined to find closure surrounding the revelation that her mother is alive, but a disappointment; Iris uncovers that she has a brother.

Uncertain of his paternity, Iris angrily pushes her mother away without knowing if Joe is the Father.

Last Week’s episode ‘the darkness and the light’ confirmed Wells is of Earth 2, and proved my theory that Zoom is a product of the blast and not Wells or any pseudo-Wells.

Whilst Wells is not Zoom, he emanates an attitude that is either douchebaggery sass or impending brutality.

Wells calls Jay Garrick a coward; aiding our suspicions of him in defense of our beloved Jay; whose pursuit of Zoom is brave and progressive with the addition of the Star Labs team. Unlike Barry, Jay lacked both assistance and a motive in Earth 1; nor a mentor…even if that mentor turned out to be the reason behind Barry’s motive.

Not liking the focus on Linda Park, the season seems set on making a relationship between Patty and Barry staggered in the midst of singularity uproar. For fans impatient for Iris and Barry; it is with hope, that Linda only interacts with the masked Flash.

I am personally enjoying the quirkiness of Patty; who has the agility of a pre-Flash Barry Allen, she seems worthy of Barry’s secret; and observant enough to discover it herself when Barry’s attempt to hide his blindness on his date, isn’t perceived as arrogant or egotistical.

With the spark of their kiss, Barry can see. Is this love, or meta?

True to her canonistic history, Patty reveals her encounter with death to Barry, alluding to a depth of character writing; that in some universes, amounted to a lack of a romantic relationship between Iris and Barry. With this is mind, are Iris and Barry inevitable? or will Earth 2 interrupt the timeline of the recently deceased Eobard Thawne’s (and Earth 1’s) universe?

After Caitlin found some sort of closure for Ronnie in episode 4’s Jay-less episode, any idea of a non-platonic relationship with Barry is set aside; eager to welcome . With Ronnie’s fate still unknown, the pairings’ near-kiss is interrupted by the actions of Earth 2 Linda Park.

Answering our questions regarding Wells’ success in Earth 2, is the fact that the particle explosion was covered up; leaving its metas without mentorship or control.

Wells’ meta-detector reveals Cisco’s identity as Vibe in a refreshingly non-dramatic manner and, lends itself to the idea of Killer Frost being from Earth 2. With Caitlin Snow ruled out as a meta, Killer Frost will either arrive from Earth 2, or she will have her powers gifted to her by Zoom; who presumably is able to give what he can take.

A lack of Firestorm in this episode seems to cement the idea that the pairing is a stop gap until Ronnie’s return, and Caitlin -not cisco- will be the Star Labs member to be enveloped in meta-human drama.

As the episode ends, we learn that Zoom is holding a young woman hostage. Through the implication of Zoom being stopped by her Father, is this what a now-guarded-probably-not-shallow-and-egotistical (or both) Wells travelled to Earth 1 for? Or, will Jay prove to be paternal in his drive to stop Zoom?

Things are also gearing up to welcome Legends of Tomorrow to the screen! Apart from her appearance in last season’s finale, last week’s the Flash welcomed Kendra Saunders a.k.a Hawkgirl to the fold as Cisco’s love interest. Whilst things likely won’t work out, the resurrection of Ray and Sara in Arrow have things gearing up for an amazing pilot!

Tuesday night’s new episode of The Flash focuses on baiting Zoom into battle; with Linda Park posing as Dr Light. Whilst this encounter is surely still a few episodes away from being successful, answers will hopefully be revealed regarding the paternity of Zoom’s captive.

See a sneak peek from the episode below!

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8|7c on the CW!



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