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Qadir Shahid

At the end of Zoo season 1, we were left with the animals charging at the crew. After the screen blacked out, we were eager to know what was going to happen next. Was Jamie going to give the cure in time? Can the crew survive the animal apocalypse? Many Questions!! Today I'm here to show you 2 Major things that need to happen in season 2!

1. The Cast fighting the animals

The first thing we wanna see on Zoo season two, are the humans standing up for themselves against the animals. This way we can know for sure that humanity hasn't given up and are willing to fight to save their race and try their best to restore humanity.

2. A way to deliver the cure

The second thing we wanna see on Zoo season 2, is a way they can deliver the cure. They can't deliver it airborne because it will have no effect as it's going through the atmosphere. A way they can deliver the cure is by mosquitoes. The mosquitoes will give the animals the cure through sucking blood.


Are you excited for Zoo season 2?


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