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Both known and forgotten horror films of the 20th Century
Janna Dk MacDonald-Walsh

Who says you can't always be prepared? These boys are prepared for anything, including zombies! After being in Scouts for many years, Ben (Tye Sheridan) and Carter (Logan Miller) are ready to quit and move on to a cooler chapter of their high school experience. Their friend Augie (Joey Morgan), on the other hand still believes that being in Scouts is important, and will teach them skills that will come in handy when they least expect it. Sure enough, in this interesting new twist of a zombie apocalypse we a shown how the Scouts, and level headed cocktail waitress, named Denise (Sarah Dumont), can kick zombie butt, and save the town from total devastation. Not your usual zombie flick, but it just goes to show that in a zombie film there doesn't always need to be sole survivor for a zombie film to work. In fact, you can have a whole group of survivors, and still have an awesome zombie film! Make no mistake, this is not a "scary" zombie film, there isn't enough horror in the movie to earn the title. However, despite there being little to no horror in this film, the comedy and toilet humor more than make up for it. Not always being a fan of toilet humor myself, this film did it quiet well, and I found myself in stitches in the theater more often than not. One other thing that I really liked about the film is that there was an explanation for the outbreak, this something you don't always get in a zombie film which can be a bit annoying. Sadly, I think this will be a box office bomb despite the fact the film had a great concept, and actually gives Scouts a great name! Scouts is where you can learn many great skills, and apparently, this film argues you can put them into practice while fighting zombies!. Loved this movie, great pick for Halloween. If the movie is still in theaters where you live, go see it and learn how to fight zombies!


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