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This year has been a very on and off year. We went "Straight Outta Compton" all the way to the Awakening of the Force that is the sudden return of Star Wars. Never I'm my 20s would I see another additional film in the series. I believed it was over after "Revenge of the Sith " premiered in 2005. Ten years went by and George Lucas decided to sell Lucasfilm to Walt Disney Studios for $4 billion. 3 years later I still remember this fateful day. What is in store for these new films. Will it be similar to the belated prequel films or have the heart and soul of the original Trilogy between 1977-1983. It is the month of Z November 2015. We have just nearly 40 days left till the next installment arrives in cinemas. We all know this film will smash box office records, however will it be a good film?

Earlier this year, I saw the lalatest installment in the Jurassic Park series, "Jurassic World". I really was not amused with what went on through the film. Chris Pratt did a very good job and the action sequences were solid. What I wanted was a better story. I felt it wasn't exactly a great film, despite the amazing visual effects. The #1 aspect I look for in a film is an intriguing story that brings the audience closer.

I was very impressed with Disney/Pixar's latest animated flick "Inside Out". It is by far one of the best original stories of this year despite it being aimed towards a younger audience. Like past Pixar greats such as Toy Story and The Incredibles, Inside Out includes great characters that are relatable to we as the audience. With Star Wars approaching this Winter, will we experience a good story or a Michael Bay extravaganza.

JJ Abrams has never ceased to amaze me with his filmography. He was actually one of my picks to direct Episode 7. Sure he gets criticism for his lens flare and fast paced sequences. With Star Wars, he is a terrific choice to take on this series. He developed some amazing charterers in "Super 8" and did a great job rebooting the Star Trek series. He is also a huge Star Wars fan and frequently references the elements in his other films. The past 3 trailers that have premiered for the film have rarely revealed the main story. JJ is good at keeping everything in the films production under wraps. This is a great strategy to keep fans ( such as myself) guessing what will occur throughout the film.

All I want from this new film is new developed ccharacters that fit in well , previous characters from the original Trilogy and simply a well written story with a blend of practical and digital effects. It is a privilege for my generation to experience 6 more STAR WARS movies. Never in my later years would I see this happening. I am looking forward to the premiere as I join the many thousands of fans that are just excited as I am. May the Force be with us.


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