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If one thing has remained true throughout all Batman adaptations, it's that the Joker remains the most formidable foe the caped crusader has or will ever come across. That statement also rings true for the fantastic actors who give their all in becoming the iconic Clown Prince of Crime. But, will that tradition remain quite so solid when Suicide Squad hits theaters next year?

For me, there's only one real answer to that question: No. And the reason for that being is none other than Joker's very own girlfriend, Harley Quinn.

Let's take a close look at the facts:

1) Harley was a late addition to Suicide Squad

In early drafts for the film (I remember because I was so disappointed she wasn't going to be included) Harley didn't play any kind of part in the development of the film. As I recall, they had suggested bringing her in at some point in time, but the main focus of the film was to be set outside of the Joker's main universe.

2) They've altered her backstory a little bit...

Harley Quinn was first introduced to the world during the Batman: The Animated Series in the nineties. On the show, she desperately fell head over heels in love with the Joker (he never loved her, sheer manipulation) and blamed Batman for all his wrongdoings. She broke him out of Arkham (where she also worked) changing her name from the respectable Dr. Harleen Quinzel to Harley Quinn, dawning her original iconic costume.

From what the screencap above can tell us, I'm going to go ahead and make the not so secret observation that she didn't voluntarily fall in love with the Joker for Suicide Squad. I mean, let's face it, he's not exactly super attractive.

I think the real reason is that the filmmakers want us to feel something real for Harley. They want us to feel bad for her, to be more specific. If they went by her original origin story, it'd be easy to hate her and classify her as a nutjob just like her psycho boyfriend. But if they have him torture her into becoming the eventual Quinn, then we can feel sympathy for the villain. We're allowed to say, "It's not her fault. She was tortured, man."

Side Note: This Also Helps Out With That Incredible Fan Theory Linking Christian Bale's Batman Trilogy to this New Franchise....

  • Ben Affleck isn't really playing Bruce Wayne
  • Jared Leto is actually Robin (the same one once portrayed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt in The Dark Knight Rises)
  • Levitt's Robin was tortured by the Joker (replaced with Leto to avoid obvious fan conclusions)
  • Joker (Robin) in turn does the same to Dr. Quinzel......

3) Harley gets a ton more screentime than anyone else!

Anyone who's seen the trailer can tell you that her face pops up more than any other character, even Will Smith's. This woman will be their Catwoman/Selina Kyle from Batman Returns era. Michelle Pfeiffer's take on the role for the Tim Burton sequel is still revered as the most iconic. Anne Hathaway never stood a chance, man. Robbie's performance will trigger the same result, I can almost guarantee it. Margot Robbie will forever be Harley Quinn after this. The Suicide Squad movie is her moment to shine and show the world a side of this character that we have never seen before.

In Conclusion:

Harley is going to obliterate Leto's Joker right off the screen! People will leave the theater talking about her and Robbie's phenomenal performance. Not only will she put the eclipse on Joker, but she will squash any effort made by any of the others in the superbly talented ensemble cast.

Suicide Squad opens in theaters on August 5th, 2016.

Be there or be super jealous that everyone else was there and now you can't talk about how awesome Margot Robbie was in that movie.


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