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This episode is unstoppable!!!!!!

I gotta tell ya, only 3-things that I love to talk about.

1st I love to talk about Barbara's day of her revenge.

Oh boy, her nightmare was so scary, she couldn't even

stand it! But, Gordon knew it was a trap.

But on the bright side him & Barbara sure do share a kiss

once again for a long time.

Even when she let go his hand

& that make him upset. If she wouldn't tell him about

the reason of what she's been doing since she left him,

none of that wouldn't happen.

Barbara & Jim share a kiss in season 1.
Barbara & Jim share a kiss in season 1.
Barbara Kean.
Barbara Kean.

Now 2nd for Galavan & his arrest.

You know, it's been unbelievable that

Theo & his sister Tabitha were so

curl & 10 times evil since they were new in the show.

It's a good thing that they stop him for getting away

before the whole "Waynes & Galavans revenge" thing

come up soon enough that's for sure. But,

there's no way that Bruce will not die no doubt about that.

I wanna see next about when Gordon questioning Theo

about the whole break on arkham, massacre at GCPD

& kidnapping mayor James.

Gordon faces Galavan.
Gordon faces Galavan.

And finally, Edward Nygma.

He have finally became his inner villain

& soon, he'll definitely become the riddler.

And even specially when he notice about

the penguin living in the middle of the woods,

by himself!!!!!!

That's the time when they finally reunion each other.

Not even when their 1st met wasn't that pleasant.

But for the next episode, the penguin finally stay over

at Edward's house. I saw the commercial for the next episode

is when he drag a man from the closet & he has got to do

something that I don't know. And I assuming that the new episode

will be involve with Edward, and maybe the Penguin.

Two-villain duo.
Two-villain duo.
The penguin meets the riddler.
The penguin meets the riddler.

Now there you have it!

An unstoppable episode I have ever seen!

I love it!


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