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Remember the old days of survival horror? Back when we took each and every step with extreme caution because doing otherwise would likely lead us to our death? When we needed to take time to examine our surroundings because it could be the one thing that saved us? Well, get ready to experience it all again! Thanks to Protocol Games, Song of Horror is taking us back to the good old days!

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What Is Song of Horror About?

Song of Horror is a survival horror game that heavily focuses on storytelling. Most of the story is being kept under wraps, but the plot outline they left for us on their Kickstarter gives us enough to sink our teeth into!

It’s an ordinary Friday in the life of Daniel Noyer, washed-up advertiser and former entrepreneur who has fallen on hard times lately. Currently the lowest of the low at a publishing house, you receive an urgent, yet seemingly straightforward assignment: to find the company’s most important client, the renowned writer Sebastian P. Husher, who hasn’t been heard from in weeks.

Upon your arrival at Husher’s mansion, you realize something’s wrong. The lights, still turned off at the onset of nightfall, reveal that no one is home. The dog, which was forewarned at the entrance, is nowhere to be found. The main door, left ajar, hints at a hallway drowned in shadows.

And an eerie, haunting melody, pierces a thundering silence.
Daniel Noyer, pictured above - hiding from the game's enemy "The Presence."
Daniel Noyer, pictured above - hiding from the game's enemy "The Presence."

Although not much is known about the story, I do have plenty to talk about with the gameplay! Having the pleasure of trying out the demo for the game, I'm happy to tell you that the game includes some of the most loved mechanics from old-school horror games, while also freshening it up with some new and improved features!

Numerous Characters to Play! Hopefully They All Live...

This is the one thing that wasn't featured in the press demo, but it's a huge feature and is definitely worth mentioning! In most games, we feel like kings and queens when we're given as many as four characters to play, but Song of Horror brings us so much more! Are you sitting down for this? We will be able to play as sixteen different characters, which we will be able to choose from at the beginning of each chapter, or when we make a mistake and accidentally lead one of the characters into a death trap. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, and will react to the environment differently.

I love how we're given two different perspectives!
I love how we're given two different perspectives!

Now if you're feeling worried about sixteen being too many, fret not! Remember that this is a horror game, and more specifically, a game that features perma-death. That's right folks - death in Song of Horror means that it's curtains for the current character. Despite not having the ability to test this feature, I can say that it is harder than you'd think to stay alive. I highly doubt we'll make it out alive with all of the characters - I know I won't! Godspeed, players!

What's on the Other Side of That Door?

One thing that really left an impression was the ability to lean against a door and listen to what may be in the adjacent room. I've seen games do this (or something similar) before, but it never seemed like something that I needed to use. Well, I'm telling you now - do not underestimate this ability! Failing to do so could very well lead you to a quick death.

Please learn from my mistakes!
Please learn from my mistakes!

And don't for a moment think that The Presence (the game's main enemy) will always be behind the same door! Upon my various play-throughs, I encountered scares happening in different locations - or sometimes, the scares didn't happen at all. This will certainly make us uneasy, for even when we know of a scary event, we don't know when or where it will strike us! Well played, Protocol.

Final Details

Song of Horror is set to release on Windows, Mac and Linux. Console owners will be happy to hear that the game will also be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The developers currently have a Kickstarter running, which will give them the resources to finish the game sooner if it is successfully funded - be sure to help out and spread the word! Also keep your eyes peeled for a public demo which is planned for release next week! If you'd like to keep up their progress, be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook for any news!

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