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With the seventh season of Adventure Time currently running, fans are excited to see what's next for the inhabitants of Ooo. The premiere of the season proves that the creators have decided to take the show back to its roots - focusing more on the main characters with humble and simple plot lines. This season should not disappoint.

In addition to the new season of Adventure Time, a spin-off mini-series is set to debut on November 16th. This welcome addition to the universe of Ooo aims to reveal the past of a recurring character. Digging deep into the growth of this fan favorite will undoubtedly entertain and satisfy long time viewers of its parent series. Cleverly named 'Stakes', the 8 part miniseries will venture into the evolution of:

Marceline: The Vampire Queen!

Beloved and heavily discussed by fans, Marceline is a complex and lovable character that is more than deserving of a spin-off. Since the first glimpse of her past with Simon (Ice King) after the Mushroom War in season five, Adventure Time fans have been demanding more of Marceline's backstory. Finally, two seasons later, we are being obliged in an unexpected and 'algebraic!' way.

Bubblegum Science And Dark Flashbacks

Fans in attendance of New York Comic Con this year got a special treat: the first two episodes of Stakes were screened at the event. Executive producer, Adam Muto, explained at the event that the show is a "chance to tell previously unexplored backstories, like how she got her vampire powers." Staff at i09 were lucky enough to gain first hand knowledge of the show's plot and how Marceline's past will be revealed to the audience. Naturally, spoliers ahead.

In an attempt to give Marceline a cure for her vampirism, Princess Bubblegum uses her as a test subject for her newly developed vampire cure. Marceline was a willing participant, as she no longer wants to be immortal and wishes to grow up and die as a human. Due to certain 'events', flashbacks are a side effect of her treatment.

It is then that we are thrown further back into her past than we've ever been before. A few key curiosities will be answered in these flashbacks, such as how Marceline's mother impacted her life, a deeper look into her adolescence and the question as to what led to her eventual supernatural transformation. Even more importantly, we will experience her early years as an immortal and the chaotic evil she inflicted on her own kind.

I'm beyond excited to see this spin-off. Of all the citizens of Ooo, Marceline is one of my favorites. The way she interacts with others and her mysterious complexity make her an extremely relateable personality. Her dysfunctional relationships with those from her past have always made me wonder what kind of skeletons are in her enigmatic closet. Always protecting herself from any threat, physical or emotional, Marceline is bound to have some interesting and perhaps saddening origins. I, like all other Adventure Time fans, will be glued to my seat during this four-night special event.

What's Ahead For The Rest Of Ooo?

The Adventure Time panelists at Comic Con also talked season seven with the audience. i09 mentions in their article that creators spoke of another gender swapped episode this season - because who wouldn't want more of Fionna, Cake and the other characters in that universe? They also mentioned that Beemo will be the star of his own 30-minute holiday special that promises to be "an emotional story". We could all use some more Ooo-induced feels, right? Regardless, Adventure Time will continue to be that lovable escape that occasionally gets too real and hits us with unexpected emotion, as it should.

Season seven of Adventure Time hit Cartoon Network on November 2nd. Don't forget that Stakes will begin its eight episode journey on November 16th! Whether you're a die hard fan or have only seen the highlights, the Fall 2015 lineup for the Land of Ooo is sure to please! Follow me here for more news and factoids concerning Adventure Time. Tell me what you think about Stakes in the comments and, as always, watch more TV!


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