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As we all know by now, Glenn is presumed to have met his untimely demise on The Walking Dead, and with him being my second favorite character (to Daryl, of course), this left me devastated. That is part of the reason why I think I know who is next to bite it on the show. Devastation; Robert Kirkman strives for it, and if he can't kill off Rick, who else could he possibly take from us? You guessed it, and here are three reasons why.

1. Moral Compass

The trend of The Walking Dead seems to be that every moral compass, someone who shows any hope at all, or just the people who are still good through and through, die miserably and slowly. So with Daryl being the final line of defense for when Rick wants to cross the line, it only makes sense that he'll bite it. He's already stopped Rick from going too far and making the wrong calls several times since they've been in Alexandria, and since he actually has faith that they can make a new life, this leads me to believe that Kirkman will take our faith away by killing our favorite, hothead redneck.

2. Other Projects

It seems that Norman Reedus has grown in fame immensely because of The Walking Dead and as a result business has been booming for him lately. He just made Air with Djimon Hounsou (which I need to get around to seeing), and he has an upcoming heist movie called Triple 9. Now an actor can juggle many projects, but AMC has tapped Reedus to do a reality show where he rides around the country on his motorcycle, taking the viewer through the great nation of America. Norman has had the time to make two movies and a series where he literally rides cross country on a motorcycle. You can't tell me that that's not fishy. Can he juggle a TV show along with these projects? My gut says no.

3. The People's Savior

Daryl has always been there to save whoever needs saving, but this season he has already shown that he would put others and himself in danger to try and help somebody. It was subtle, but when Daryl left Abraham and Sasha to go see what was happening in Alexandria, what would have happened if he hadn't turned around? Without his loud bike leading the charge, even more walkers could have broken off from the herd and put everyone in even more danger. Now, this would mainly hurt others, but what happens when Daryl tries to save somebody in a bad situation over himself? At this reckless rate, it's only a matter of episodes before I see Daryl dying this season.


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