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As the end of 2015 rolls around, X-Men fans everywhere should be eagerly anticipating the arrival of the latest (and perhaps last?) chapter in the long running X-Men movie series, when [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267) hits on May 27, 2016. Although 2006's X-Men: Last Stand could be said to have been a success in both box office receipts and critical acclaim many die hard fans of the source material felt it was a lackluster final installment, and failed to live up to the high bar the first two chapters had set for it. Between a change in director (Bryan Singer replaced by Brett Ratner) and direction (the decision to kill off two main characters a third of the way into the movie) it just didn't stand up before the intense blockbuster that the previous film had become. But one of the things it did show us was just how powerful a young Jean Grey was when she met Charles and Erik.

Now that Sophie Turner is set to take a turn as Jean Grey in Apocalypse, we'll finally get to see some of the more well known mutants as the young kids they were before coming to the Xavier Institute (even though we've already seen most of them anyway; Scott Summers was in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Psylocke was a Morlock in X-Men the Last Stand, and we know that Kurt Wagner and Warren Worthington didn't meet the X-Men until much, much later than the time period of Apocalypse, but hey!! Time travel makes continuity errors seem like plot details!) And of course, we met young Jean in 2006.

But the continuity resetting Days of Future Past may have already given us a glimpse of the new Jean Grey (or, more accurately, a sound bite). In the scene where Charles first uses Cerebro to try and find Raven, he sees images of mutants around the globe, as is the standard representation of Cerebro's use. But of all the mutants Charles has ever used to find Cerebro, only one has ever been powerful enough to sense it; Jean Grey (as seen in the best movie of them all with the worst title of them all, X2, when she sensed the Professor focusing on mutants everywhere).

How does this relate to the young Jean? If you pay close attention, as Charles searches for Raven, you hear the thoughts of the various mutants he is contacting, and almost none of them show any indication of anyone being in their minds telepathically. Some of them cry out in distress at what is happening to them at the time, but the images that accompany those sounds are usually of mutants on their knees or in defensive positions, likely being attacked by human persecutors. But as the thoughts come faster and faster and Charles builds up to his overload, you hear a young female voice casually ask "Who are you?"

It stands out to me as the one voice that doesn't seem panicked, depressed, or harried in some way, and it sounds distinctly like someone who has just encountered someone they didn't expect to encounter in a place they didn't expect to encounter them. Jean Grey is powerful enough to detect Cerebro's connection, and she has already shown mastery over her gifts at a young enough age that she may not be shocked or alarmed at a sudden presence in her mind, like that of a searching Charles Xavier. Charles may have already contacted his most powerful student, and been so frantic over his search for Raven that he didn't realize the significance of the contact.

Is this a stretch? Absolutely, movie speculation and fan theories usually are. It may have just been a random mutant encountering a stranger, a throw-away line that no one ever intended to explore. Or, it could be an Omega level mutant casually noticing a telepathic intrusion and not really being too concerned.

What do you think? Coincidence, or cleverly hidden plot point? Obsessive conclusion jumping, or meticulously planned Easter Egg? We'll find out on May 27, 2016!


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