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It's a shame. People get so caught up in every single detail about games these days, yet look at how far they have come. People expect these games to be perfect, and if they witness a bug people flip out and say that the game is horrible. People need to deal with it. Every game is going to have bugs.

Now, onto my thoughts about Syndicate and the series as a whole.

AC Unity was great for me to play, but that may have been because I avoided the bugs/glitches seeing as I got the game a month after its release. But it was one of my favorite games as a franchise. But....AC Syndicate has blown it out of the water so far.

AC Syndicate has been extremely fun for me to play. I am 21% of the way through the game and I got it on the day of its release a few weeks ago. There are so many things to do in this game. The map is 20% bigger than it was in Unity, and I know I didn't cover every place in that game. My goal is to try to do every side mission but I don't think I will because there are so many of them! Which is not a bad thing in my opinion. If people don't want to do side missions they don't have to. I love the many different ways that you can liberate the city. I haven't found there to be any repetitiveness in the game so far, which is something that did bother me about previous games. I love that you can switch between the two assassins. That is something new that I have really liked. I could go on and on about how much I like this game, but I don't want to write a big thing about it, so i'll wrap it up.

AC Syndicate has been one of my favorite games in the franchise. AC Brotherhood is the only one I may like more. In fact, I like it so much that I would have to put it in my top 5 games. I love it. I am tired of hearing people complain about minor bugs and glitches. This game is amazing and I would not be disappointed in Ubisoft if the next game didn't match this one in quality. One note though, I really hope they continue to have a large brotherhood influence like they tried to bring back in Unity. The whole brotherhood fell apart in AC 3 and had been absent till Unity. That is something they must continue in future games to make the story even better.


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