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Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Season 2 of Fox's Gotham is off to an incredible start, due in no small part to Cory Michael Smith and his incredible portrayal of Ed Nygma.

Nygma, the awkward but brilliant forensic scientist for the GCPD, was a fairly minor character in the first season. However, after the (semi-accidental) murder of a cop at the end of Season 1, Ed and his mounting insanity have been edging toward center stage. Now, since the (very accidental) murder of Miss Kringle, Ed seems to have not just tipped over the edge, but leapt over it, hoping to fly.

I cannot wait to see what happens with this incredible character, as he becomes a whole new Nygma and starts to pair up with Cobblepot. In the meantime, Cory Michael Smith took to Twitter for a Q&A session, talking about working on the show and giving us a little spoiler/teaser about the possibility of the return of the Joker (and the introduction of Harley!). Here's a run down of some of the most interesting tweets from the session...

Did you audition for any other characters?

It's not hard to see why he got the part right away! He's utterly perfect for the role.

What made you audition for the part?

"Brave" is an excellent description of the show. It is so far from a direct re-telling of the comic book mythos that it has made some purists angry, but it does it with style, and it's absolutely working so far!

Has Frank Gorshin influenced you?

Frank Gorshin played the Riddler in the Batman TV series in the '60s, and it's not surprising that Cory Michael Smith isn't using him as inspiration. The Riddler that we are seeing unfold in Gotham is just so different to the version of him in the classic show. (Not to mention the Jim Carrey version from the '90s!) It's nice to see a totally new incarnation of the character emerging.

What is it like filming scenes where you are two different Eds?

Nice to know that Cory is just like the rest of us when it comes to being home alone!

What's coming next?

Three of his most telling tweets are about what will be happening in future on the show. For one thing, we're going to get to see Nygma interacting with Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz)!

He's still a long way from being Batman, but Bruce is coming into his own in this season. He's also starting to meet more and more of the characters; he's spending time with Theo Galavan, he's got a budding romance with Silver St. Cloud, he's hired Lucius Fox to work on his dad's computer... and now he's meeting Nygma, too.

Cory Michael Smith also mentioned a character that he would love to see appear in the series -- one that I'm sure fans would be happy to see as well! When he was asked if Harley Quinn could be brought to the show:

There are a couple of issues with bringing Harley in, of course. The character is appearing in the upcoming Suicide Squad film, and was teased in Arrow in a previous season. All of these universes are separate, so she could also become a part of Gotham, but her backstory would have to be very different from that of the comics.

This would be nothing new for the show -- they have happily shifted around ages and connections throughout (both Penguin and Nygma appear in Gotham as significantly older than Bruce), but I can't imagine Harley without a fully developed Joker, which we don't currently have.

Of course, it seemed for a while there like the Joker had appeared in Gotham as the murderous psychopath Jerome (Cameron Monaghan). After being introduced to us in The Blind Fortune Teller, Jerome returned this season as one of Theo Galavan's criminal lackeys. Everyone thought the he was the Joker, and that we were seeing the start of his backstory... until he was murdered on stage!

Or was he?

Cory was asked if he missed Jerome, and his reply was nothing short of jaw-dropping!

Plenty of fans have had theories to this effect, hoping that Jerome will be resurrected somehow in Arkham to become the Joker, and now it seems that they may be right! Monoghan was absolutely incredible in the role, with a perfect balance of insanity, charm, and presence. Plus, of course, he had that laugh!

It's hard to see quite how he could be coming back, seeing as we saw him stabbed in public and lying on the slab for autopsy, but anything is possible. Does he have a twin? A clone? Was it all an elaborate ruse by Theo? Did Theo intend to kill him, but someone else brings him back? Perhaps Mr. Freeze (who has been confirmed for Season 2) will be the one to resurrect Jerome and set him loose on the city again.

Whatever happens, this is an incredible tidbit for Jerome fans, and an amazing tease in general! Gotham is gearing up to become one of the best superhero shows on TV, and I can't wait to see what happens.

Season 2 continues weekly on FOX.


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