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If you're like me, when you got older those old '90s shows you used to watch on Nickelodeon had a lot more to them than you thought as a kid. Here are just a few examples:

1. That's pretty clever!

Doug is filled with clever references. The Funnies’ neighbors, the Dinks, get their name from the phrase 'Dual Income, No Kids.' The vice principal of Doug’s school is based on Don Knotts and the Beets are obviously inspired by the Beatles. (Cause duh.) More surprisingly, Doug’s sister Judy got her name from a Virginia Woolf poem. According to Woolf, if Shakespeare had a sister, she would have been called Judith. Ever the journal-er and avid writer, this makes Doug, Shakespeare!

2. Are you ready kids?

Spongebob creator Stephen Hillenburg was a director for Rocko’s Modern Life and based the idea for Spongebob off 'The Intertidal Zone,' a comic book he created while in undergrad. A former marine biologist, Hillenburg convinced Nickelodeon execs to green light the show by dragging an aquarium into the pitch meeting. One by one, he introduced all the creatures living inside and then dropped in a doodle of Spongebob. He then told them, “This is the star of your new show.”

3. For mature audiences only!

The Ren and Stimpy Show famously featured numerous references to the fact that the two were a couple. The two lived together and slept in the same bed. Ren even had a picture of Stimpy on his nightstand. The couple even had simulated intercourse in an episode where Ren saws a log on Stimpy’s back, which very clearly looks like anal sex. Ren rubs his nipples first and when Ren stops, Stimpy asks him to “finish the job.” It ends with sawdust that looks like ejaculate all over Stimpy’s back. To clear up any lingering doubt, when the show was brought back on Spike, Ren and Stimpy play baseball in the very first episode. Ren is the pitcher and Stimpy is the catcher. Wikipedia refers to the two as "bisexual." Funny how we never paid much attention to these things as kids.

4. Let's sit down in our thinking chairs for this one

The show Blue’s Clues featured a dog and her male companion, Steve, who was always trying to solve her games. Yes, that dog was female. Blue is a girl. Steve Burns was actually a struggling rock musician, formerly of what he describes as “Morrissey knock-off band,” who came to the audition thinking it was just a voice-over deal. He arrived on set with long, shaggy hair and an earring, but the kids seemed to love him! However, the producers weren’t having it. To keep his job, they told him, “Could you not look like you tomorrow morning?” Although there was a rumor Burns OD-ed, he actually left the show to go back to music, hence the last episode he appeared in, "Steve goes to college." He appeared on Rosie to let America know he’s still alive. His band was called Steve Burns and The Struggle, although I'm not sure they're still together, considering they haven't released an album since 2009.

5. You're a bold kid

Hey Arnold! occasionally dabbled in adult subjects. During the episode 'Tutoring Torvald,' you can very clearly hear a gunshot in the distance. Check it out around the 5:00 mark . In 'Summer Love,' Arnold’s grandma goes to a nude beach called 'Mature Wood Private Beach.' One of Helga’s many love poems to Arnold included the line: “You make my girlhood tremble.” Helga’s mother, Miriam, was likely an alcoholic, and the math teacher, Mr. Simmons (like 'Richard Simmons') was gay. In the Thanksgiving episode, Mr. Simmons brings his partner, Peter, to dinner, although his in-denial mother attempts to set him up with a woman named Joy. His mother snaps, “I didn’t know Peter was coming today.” Mr. Simmons retorts, “There’s a lot of things you don’t know!”

That's a lot to take in right?! I don't know about you guys, but I had no idea these cartoons were so graphic and vulgar. Honestly, I'm kind of surprised parents let their kids watch some of it! Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I was allowed but it seems as though everyone's got too sensitive. Cartoons certainly aren't what they used to be but that's why nothing will ever top '90s cartoons! There were no filters! What do you think after reading these mind blowing facts?


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