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We all love seeing unique finishers that look like they would hurt, but sometimes our favorite finishers could turn out really bad and end up killing someone. What if i said the original Pedigree was banned from WWE? So many moves have been banned but here are five of my favorites.

5. Pedigree

Yes that's right, the pedigree. As Triple H went down, he made his opponents go head first. He also held both of their arms behind their backs until finally hitting the ground, meaning protection against injury was difficult.

4. Shooting Star Press

The Shooting Star Press is a move by superstars such as Evan Borne and Brock Lesnar. Well, Brock Lesnar is one of the main reasons the move is banned. The Shooting Star Press is a move where you are on the top rope and do a forward moonsault. If you don’t know what a Moonsault is, it’s where you do a back flip onto your opponent from the top rope. This video below is the reason its banned.

3. Pile Driver

The Pile Driver is a move used by a lot of superstars. This move can be performed in many ways; one way is lifting them upside down so their head is in your crotch, while standing up and dropping to your butt. This move is banned because Owen Hart did it to Stone Cold Steve Austin and Broke Austin’s neck, which paralyzed him for a short amount of time.

2. Canadian Destroyer

The Canadian Destroyer is used by Petey Williams, and is a Pile Driver-like move where you start by putting your opponant in between your legs and then performing a front flip landing on your butt so they pretty much do a backflip and land on their head. It’s hard to explain but here is a video to show you how it’s done from WWE 2K16.

1. The Vertebreaker

The Vertebreaker is a move by Hurricane Helms a.k.a Gregory Helms. The move, which involves holding an opponent upside down, back to back by the arms, then driving them to the mat by dropping to a seated position so the opponent lands on their shoulders, neck and the back of their head.

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