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Today I saw a fellow moviepilot post about which characters that they think will die in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. I decided to do the same with a twist: I am predicting which characters will die and which characters will live on. As well, I am also making fan predictions on where I think the characters that live on will appear next in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). The list will go down from "Characters who WILL die" to "Characters who WILL NOT die", and then my future appearance section will commence:

Characters who WILL die: Rick Flag, Slipknot

The two characters who are probably the most likely to die in the film are that of military officer Rick Flag and Master-of-Ropes assassin Slipknot.

Rick Flag is just the military type of the squad, taking orders from Amanda Waller and doing his job. He's a well known character in the Suicide Squad comic franchise but to me doesn't look more than just a simple soldier. Because of this, I believe Flag will be probably the first main squad member to be killed.

I have looked over comics online and there is only one appearance of Slipknot in the Suicide Squad and that involves Manhunter drones. Since those are not in this movie, this would be something original for Slipknot. They could take one factor into consideration and have him lose his arm after the mission in Midway city.

This is not confirmed, but there were rumors that Common and Scott Eastwood are playing the characters of the Tattooed Man and Deathstroke respectively. This still could be true because in the 2009 comic mini-series Final Crisis Aftermath: Ink, Slipknot fights the Tattooed Man and kills his son in retaliation for damaging his bionic arm. Afterwards, Tattooed man teams up with the new villainous Titans team led by Deathstroke. Deathstroke captures Slipknot and brings him to the Tattooed Man. They fight and Tattooed Man wins by beheading Slipknot with a wire. If Common is the Tattooed Man and Eastwood is indeed playing the secretive role of Deathstroke, then this predicament with Slipknot is inevitable. This film would definitely be rated-R if there is a beheading.

Characters between I don't know - Likely to die: El Diablo, Katana

These 2 characters I am not sure about but I can lean them slightly towards death. El Diablo is another Squad member who doesn't have much known about him with the Squad to my knowledge. So that's why I don't know if his character will die or not.

.....Which started the whole world cryinggggg......
.....Which started the whole world cryinggggg......

Katana on the other-hand is a way different story. It was revealed that her character is the bodyguard of Rick Flag. So she is not officially a criminal recruited, but a volunteer soldier. She is to protect Flag at all cost, especially from the criminal members of the squad. My theory that Flag will perish in the film grows stronger because of the image above. Katana doesn't look like the type of person who cries easily. Its possible that if Rick Flag dies, she feels like she has failed and that she has lost her honor. In Ancient Feudal Japan, Samurai who fail to protect their master are henceforth known as Ronin, or outcasts. They are ashamed of there status and either find other work with their swords or choose to regain their honor through seppuku (ritual suicide). Perhaps Katana has shamed herself for letting Flag die and therefore the only way to regain her honor is kill herself. Then again, there are always two paths to choose from; she could find a new purpose as a hero rather than a soldier. Once again, like Diablo, will she die in the Suicide Squad movie? I don't know.

Characters between I don't Know - Likely to live: Killer Croc, Enchantress

These 2 characters I am not sure about but I can lean them slightly towards alive. Since Killer Croc is a recurring Batman villain they may want to save for the upcoming Batman solo film. But, who knows? These could be the only appearance of Killer Croc that we see in this universe; which would suck!

The same goes for Enchantress; she is a recurring foe to Justice League Dark so they may want to let her live so she can be in the upcoming Dark Universe film (which I may remind you has not yet been confirmed).

Characters who WILL NOT die: Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Boomerang, Amanda Waller, Joker

Since Deadshot, Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang have been in almost every part of Suicide Squad history, it would not be right to the fans if the portrayals done by Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Jai Courtney, were immediately killed at the end of this film.

The same goes for Amanda Waller. She is the creator of Task Force X, You can't kill her off after one movie without a perfectly good reason. I mean General Zod died in Man of Steel but at least they're doing something with his corpse in Batman v Superman.

.....but I couldn't seeeeeee.............
.....but I couldn't seeeeeee.............

And of course with so much hype for Jared Leto's take on the new clown prince of crime, it would royally piss everybody off if The Joker only had one film appearance before he was killed off. I mean they did kill him off in the first Batman anthology film, but that was just a standalone story. They did kill him off at the end of the Arkham City Video game, but he returned as a hallucination for Arkham Knight. This is an attempt at a Cinematic Universe inspired by DC Comics. Come on! What would a Lex Luthor-Joker partnership look like with it being Jesse Eisenberg and Jared Leto!

Now this is where I think the living characters will end up next:

Amanda Waller - Justice League Part One

There was a rumor that Viola Davis had signed on to at least 3 films in the DC Extended Universe with the first being Suicide Squad. The second one has to be Justice League Part One. She is a high government figure with problems against unknown threats. She has to have at least a small role.

Captain Boomerang - The Flash

I had stated in a earlier post this week that because I believe The Flash is going to be more of an action-comedy film, that the main villain was going to be Captain Cold and a team of his Rogues Gallery. I rescind one of my pics for the team (Trickster) and replace him with Jai Courtney's Boomerang. He's has this comedic tone about the character that would work well with the Rogues and The Flash. Plus, Courtney currently has no upcoming roles after Suicide Squad (he should be in the upcoming Terminator Genisys sequel slated for May 2017, and possible the third installment for June 2018, but currently nothing is set in stone), so I think he could squeeze The Flash into his schedule.

Joker, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Amanda Waller - The Batman Solo Film

Since the rumor is that the upcoming Solo Batman film will be based on the Red Hood storyline, its basically a cinch that Joker will be appearing. And if Joker's appearing, Harley Quinn's appearing, and if Harley Quinn's in it, you can certainly make room for Killer Croc, and if Harley and Croc are in it, I'm sure Waller will want to keep a close eye on Gotham City.

Enchantress - DC's Dark Universe

Like I said above, Enchantress is a recurring foe to Justice League Dark; so if the DCEU wants to keep her alive after Suicide Squad, then she could definitely appear in the upcoming Dark Universe adaptation (once again, NOT CONFIRMED).

.....that the joke...was on meeeeeee.....
.....that the joke...was on meeeeeee.....

Deadshot - Cyborg/Suicide Squad 2

Last but not least is the great Will Smith. They probably don't want to keep too busy from other projects so they will probably just save him until Suicide Squad 2 comes out after 2020. If I could put him in another film before that, the only one that seems right to me would be Cyborg. I predicted that Deathstroke would be the villain of that film so maybe Deadshot comes along to settle the score after what he did to him in Suicide Squad. If not, just save him for Squad 2.0.

Well that's it for now! Do you agree with this post? There may a few DC announcements in the months leading up to certain movies, but we won't know anything for sure for another 4 1/2 months when Batman v Superman arrives. Also in regards to this post, practically 9 months til Suicide Squad!


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