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The Walking Dead has always been a grizzly TV show, although with 'Thank You' Michael Slovis and Angela Kang added to the brutal aftermath of 'J.S.S' when we all expected a comfortable cool-down.

The episode took us out of Alexandria, back with Rick, Glenn, Michonne and a host of other characters in the wild, racing their way back to Alexandria to aid the fight against the Wolves seen in the previous episode. This is where the heartbreak begun. Even before the opening credits of the episode began, we saw the death of David. One of the Alexandrians having his throat ripped apart by a walker with no gore left behind. So already we're seeing the proof to Rick's earlier point of the Alexandrians being unready for the war against the walkers.

This episode also made a definite link between the multiple perspectives and viewpoints we saw before, with everything now being linked together through the use of The Wolves, uniting the entire group when unity is needed the most. What this enabled for us was a dynamic of characters inbetween these narratives. Noticeably, one of the Alexandrians being bit and then learning his backstory and how harrowing it was to hear him talk about his wife, that he'd never see again, even when Michonne had told him he'll survive to see her after he had written a goodbye letter in the case of his death.

Then came one of the most heartbreaking sequences came to light. The fate of Glenn. This suspicion of mine started with Glenn's line "Good luck, dumbass", in a callback to Glenn's first line in the show "Hey you, dumbass". This line was missed by most, but signified that end times were near for Glenn. As we found out, they were. For this sequence he sided with Nicolas; a man he came tantalisingly close to murdering in the Season 5 finale, although didn't pull the trigger to preserve the humanity he had. The dynamic between them throughout this sequence nearing the end of episode was almost astonishing to witness. With Glenn showing such respect for a man he nearly killed not long ago and Nicolas accepting this help and carrying on despite his fear of the walkers.

Although this relationship wasn't to last as Nicolas committed suicide on top of a rubbish bin, while holding Glenn. Bringing both characters down into a sea of walkers in one of the most tear-jerking scenes the show has seen so far.

Although the insanity didn't end there, the episode ended on the harsh from Rick. It was even more unbearable to see him attempt to talk to Glenn through the walkie-talkie, just moments after we had seen him surrounded by flesh-eaters. Then we see Rick as we've never truly seen him before, whereas just a few seasons ago Rick was almost scared to kill, we now see him violently massacring a group of Wolves Tony-Montana style, then ending with him surrounded by zombies with nowhere to run.

Overall, Thank You was to remind us that as safe as Alexandria may seem, no-one is ever safe. Not even those we thought could be.


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